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July 16, 2007

Private Dick: The Movie


From Grand Union [UK] comes Private Dick Movie

It's a mock 70's porno. You could say a "spoof" but that word has a different meaning in the world of porn.

This is the latest work for the Department of Health, the previous campaign (one of my favs) can be seen here & here.

We'll post up the banner campaign for this soon.

ron_jeremy_cover.jpg And if the world of porn is something of interests you, then you might want to check out Ron Jeremy's The Hardest (working) man in Showbiz Rob at Soap is currently reading it and says it's a great read.

July 15, 2007

Google! That's not a Citroen!

In what could only be described as hilarious, but somewhat unfortunate, searching on Google Images for the phrase 'Citroen Logo'yields an interesting alternative.... Warning: The Google Image Search is considered NSFW.

And this even gets past Google's Safe Search being switched on as well.

Bannerblog Newsletter Issue: 8

For those of you that haven't yet signed up to our fornightly newsletter, here is the latest issue covering some of the Cannes highlights.
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Dear %%First_Name%%,

In this issue of the Bannerblog Newsletter, we attempt to package up some of the digital highlights from the 54th Cannes Advertising Festival.

We’ll be posting all the winners first up, followed by the shortlist over the next few weeks.

To see all the work from this years festival simply bookmark and check back daily!

Our Cannes Picks
The jobs board has the answers!

Senior Designer
Profero - UK

Flash Developer
Visual Jazz - Aus

Executive Producer
Design Royale - Aus

Online Advertising Specialist
Yahoo! - Aus

Interactive Designer
Clemenger Blue - Aus

What’s that buzzing sound?

Did someone order a buzzword? The Bannerblog® 360 Trend Matrix™ was in overdrive trying to keep up. ‘Thumb Generation’ ‘User Generated Content’, ‘Consumer in Control’ ‘Blogosphere’ and good’ol ‘Web 2.0’ racked up many mentions, with at least one speaker dropping the term ‘Web 2.5’. Not to be outdone, Mobile marketers introduced agency land to the‘Third Screen’ which I actually don’t mind! Love it or hate it, if it’s the language of clients, you can be sure we’ll be speaking it with them.
Bannerblog Pick: Empty Bottle’s Web 2.0 Bullshitr

Infectious activity on YouTube & Myspace
Many of the digital entries, particularly the viral category, leveraged their campaign on blogs, social networking sites Facebook & Myspace and of course YouTube. As always, it‘s not viral until it goes viral, and results varied. Dove’s Evolution taking home top honors with a Grand Prix and an acknowledgement from the client that the parodies are OK too. Another standout for me, was a viral e-mail from Ogilvy China. E-mail is a tough medium in which to be creative, so I figured this gets my pick.
Bannerblog Pick: WWF ‘Tiger’ Email

Going home with empty pockets
No it’s not a reference to the 10 Euro beers, but Mobile Advertising. The emergence of the ‘third screen’ (Mobile) as an advertising medium was prevalent throughout the seminars, unfortunately examples or case studies were nowhere to be seen. Even the Mobile Category was light on with only 3 winners from a shortlist of 8. Hopefully when a mobile campaign picks up a Titanium or Integrated Lion that will be a catalyst for change.
Bannerblog Pick: Comic Shogakukan Book Campaign

‘The Uploaders’ - Informers of the digital age.
The quality of the seminars was fantastic with the majority being very insightful. One of the best presentations, was who presented findings from an ethonography project they undertook in the UK. Did you know, Uploaders represent 8% of the UK population, are young male’s, well educated, have 60 friends on their buddy list and use online review sites 50% more than a typical internet user?
Bannerblog Pick: ‘Who Is Driving Social Media’

Until Next Year

We’ll continue to bring you more of the world’s best work over the following weeks and months as we work out way through the finalist entries. Our Cannes coverage has helped us reach an average of 2800 unique visitors a day, making us one of the most popular creative blogs around.

A huge thanks to all those who have supported Bannerblog over the past 2 years, with special thanks to our sponsor Tangozebra whose sponsorship helps us pay an ever increasing bandwith bill!

Finally, a big hello to the those we met in Cannes including Publicis Hal Riney [US], [UK+US], Akestam Holst [SE], CP+B [US], M&C Saatchi [AU], Leo Burnett [UK+AU], Publicis [UK], RMG Connect [UK], Fairfax [AU], Campaign Magazine [UK] and many many more.

We hope to be back at Cannes next year,
The Bannerblog Team

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July 5, 2007

HBO Voyeur

HBO made TV worth watching (read: downloading) but now they created a short experimental film and backed it up with an amazing web experience. Created by BBDO and Big Spaceship, HBO is reported be be spending $7-10 million on this campaign. But it looks the money, so I say good on them for creating something different.

Introducing HBO Voyeur.


There's also downloads of all the apartments, the music, which features the likes of Clint Mansell and fits the mood nicely, screensavers (60MB worth) and a blog. But not one of those blogs that just a bunch of PR and BS, they hired a writer and asked him to document the project. A smart move that resulted in a blog that feels right and is actually working well for HBO at explaining something which is quite ambiguous. On top of all this the flash work is slick and really ties in the experience.


There's also phone numbers to call, character social page profiles, fake websites, and real world events tied to this promotion. HBO are calling it "Hyper Media". So add that to your Buzzword Bingo sheets ladies and gentlemen. More info on the blogs FAQ section. The film was launched by projecting the video onto the side of a building in NY. See the screen below.


Here's the trailer for the project

All they need now to satisfy my thirst for content is a making of video.

I'm not sure if the Ikea wardrobe site influenced this at all. Also Requiem for a Dream featured the scene of the old lady cleaning her apartment and stylistically it feels like this. Also Clint Mansell did the music for that too.

I look forward to seeing how this expands and pans out.

July 4, 2007

Which Ash are you?

I know this is off topic but I thought I'd clear it up before there was any more confusion. There are two Ash's that run this site.

I'm Ashley Ringrose (left) from Soap Creative and the other Ash is Ashadi Hopper (right) from RMG. We're two different people.

Ashadi was the one you were drinking with at Cannes.
I'm the one pimping Mr. Potatoheads.

Here's how it goes down in a good old fashioned Google fight.

Lucky for Ashadi I usually go by the alias MrTruffle which as you can see here has me winning by a landslide.

Update from Vegas

Don King disputes the fight and in a re-match at Caesars Palace it was a TKO
I hope that clears up some confusion.

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