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November 13, 2007

Spam One-liners


love this.

Stanley (?) sent this about today, and it's just lovely. From a UK based illustrator, Linzie Hunter (some of her work here) - sorry linzie - wouldn't open for me...

I often feel the need to send on spam for it purely comic value - boy comedy that is - things like "vandal matriarchy bletheration outgate" (ha ha mmm) selling me cheap stiffy pills or "Hottest sluts admit, that larger dicks taste much better"....

This, much to my amazement, was not only a lovely set of illustrations to peruse, but an insight into the secret world of girl-spam and the "marketing" postitioning adjustments made for the fairer sex.


addendum: you can buy some of them here

November 11, 2007

Seth Godin on the Future of Advertising


Sure, everyone's pitching in on this topic, but here's what emanated out of the smart, shiny noggin of Seth Godin:

"The problem is that ad agencies have defined themselves as the people who take the mediocre products and add interesting ads to them, and washed their hands and say, we can’t do anything about what the factory brings us."

Nicely put.

Found via Katie Kempner's podcasting site on Advertising & PR, which led me to the blog of John Winsor (Cultural Radar Operator at Crispin Porter + Bogusky), which pointed me to the wise words on Seth's site.

November 9, 2007

The Writer Strike


Itunes downloads of your fav shows was the catlyst behind the Writers Strike. Tom from Kerker emailed us with this insight on the issue. It's all over the news in the US and has already claimed some vistories. 24's premiere will be delayed, SNL will go into reruns and the finale of The Office may not be.

Tom Buchok from Kerker writes;

"Maybe you've seen the coverage and you're depressed that Lost will likely only have seven new episodes this winter.

I'm sad about not getting my full share of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of the island gang, too.

But I'm excited. The Writer's Guild of America strike is almost exclusively about the internet. You can read more about it here, but in short, the writers want to get paid fairly for their work that gets consumed online.

With both the major producers and the WGA calling the internet the future of their business, there's a lot to be encouraged about within our world of advertising.

In 2007, the primary role of the internet switched from Communications to Content. As the internet content business starts shifting into fifth gear (or sixth), they'll need to monetize the content. Forrester noted in May that ad-supported online video would begin to significantly eat into paid videos (like iTunes, Amazon Unbox, etc.).

More importantly, seven of 10 internet users prefer ad-supported online content to fee-based.

So as the WGA strike is bad for us TV viewers (and Lost superfans), it's great for us advertisers – the strike implicitly injects major relevance into online content. And that content needs to be monetized via ads."

Thanks for the info Tom.


All I can say to the big studios is let the writers have their money! They only get 4c for a $20 DVD dating back to a 1985 aggreement, so at least let them make some extra alcohol money from online.

Track the developments on Google news.

November 7, 2007

Orange: Good things should never end
- It's a never ending webpage.

The pokers have been busy trying new things, this time for Orange UK - a promotional site for it's range of Unlimited offers. Makes sense. Yep. Nice.

November 2, 2007

VB Stubby Symphony


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