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The Pomegranate Phone

A friend told me about this new phone she'd heard about, called the pomegranate phone. So I googled it, and found this.


When you watch the (well put together) presentation you find out that the futuristic pomegranate phone does everything. Voice translation. Movie projection. Even coffee-making.

Intrigued, I did some further clicking. It turns out the whole concept is a red herring to entice you into the tourism microsite of Nova Scotia, Canada.

SOMEDAYPicture 22.png

THENPicture 23.png

Nicely viral. Slick presentation. And totally and utterly irrelevant to the product. Laaame.

January 17, 2009

Tumblr V5 video

Introducing: Tumblr v5 from David Karp on Vimeo.

This is how you launch a new version. Not some shitty press release but a video explaining everything quickly and easily. Hey even throw in words like "sick" and "sexy" too. Can't hurt.

Next time you launch a new site for a client why not produce a video that sells it to your audience. This is especially important for sites that, on the surface, might not seem that exciting to the consumer. Sites such as community sites or the more functional sites such as banking and travel. Why assume your visitors are going to explore all the great features you spent months planning and building.

AWARD School 2009


Applications for AWARD School 2009 are now open.

AWARD School is a course about ideas, creative thinking and the process involved with coming up with great ideas and ultimately good ads. AWARD School invites lecturers and tutors from some of the most talented pool of people working in the industry. There are currently around 85% of working creatives who have completed the course.

Past students of AWARD School include David Droga, Leo Premutico and Matt Eastwood

The 16-week part time course runs from March to July each year across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. The course consists of a Monday evening lecture and Thursday evening tutorial.

Applicants will have two weeks to complete their submission, and anyone (Australia, NZ/Asia) can apply. All work must be submitted hand drawn. The names of successful applicants will be
posted on the AWARD School website in early February.

The brief for this year's News Limited AWARD School is available to download here

January 16, 2009

Did Steve tell you that perchance?

To launch the new season of Flight of the Conchords, HBO has created the Lip Dub Fansterpiece Competition/.


Free MP3 of Hiphopapotamous + record yourself lip-synching = goodness.

January 15, 2009

Importance of Awards in advertising

I read here that this is for AWARD in Australia? Took way to long to get to the naked old dudes for my liking.

The director Jim Hosking seems to want to challenge Tom Tuntz for weirdest reel Tom still wins though.

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