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Most Contagious 2008

Contagious Magazine has done a pretty damn comprehensive wrap of some of the best tech/web/youtubey kind of stuff from last year.


You can Download it free here.

Thanks to Iain over at Crack Unit for the heads up.

January 6, 2009

Midori-San:The Blogging Houseplant

This is insane.


A tech company in Japan has set up an interface that allows a houseplant to actually blog its 'thoughts'.

The plant interface system, uses surface potential sensors to read the weak bioelectric current flowing across the surface of the leaves. This natural current fluctuates in response to changes in the immediate environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic waves and nearby human activity. A specially developed algorithm translates this data into Japanese sentences, which are used for the plant’s daily blog posts.


Of course, it's in Japanese so I can't tell if the plants' blog is informative or entertaining. For all I know It could be just blogging about the Dancing Baby from Ally McBeal.

Kick-ass technology though.

Via Pink Tentacle.

January 4, 2009


I found out about this site while researching Open Social last month.

While it's no way as sexy as Delicious Library it's web based and I can use it on my dirty PC. Delicious Library is Mac only. Boo!

The one feature missing which is on Delicious library is "loan" which lets you keep track of who you have loaned your books to. Which would help me as I don't know who has my Zombie Survival Guide!

The appeal of tracking all the books you have read and own is two fold. One you get to show off and two you will discover new books. Either by the same author or by looking at your friends books.

It also says a lot about who you are by what you read.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Techcrunch have a few posts about Shelfari as do Mashable.

Librarything (the biggest in this market) let you know what they think Shelfari and how they have been spamming users.

Library Thing doesn't look as sexy but the huge user base is appealing. But I've just spent an hour adding all my books I can;t be assed doing it again.

Australia's most offensive ad? Leave it to Beaver.

The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has published it's annual list of the most complained about ads in 2008. Unsurprisingly an ad for Kotex Tampons that featured a women taking her Beaver to the beach, shopping and getting a manicure drew the most number of complaints - 185 out of a total 2350 received.

Watch the ad

Despite the complaints, Kotex produced two more sequels -

The ad that received the second highest number of complaints was 'Manning Toppings' for Dominos Pizza which features a Mary Poppins inspired character saying 'It's SuperCalaFreakinAwsome!'. It's unclear whether the complaints were regarding the language or the poor acting. (we hope the later)

Save a Photography Community


With brands spending so much money trying to build communities I find it amusing that one so popular should announce that it is to die. JPG Magazine announced recently (Jan1) it would be shutting up shop by Jan 5th. Wow 4 days to clear your desk and take down your personal photos. Harsh.

What brand will come in and save the day for little old JPG Magazine?

Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Yahoo!/Flickr, Sony hell even Microsoft with their Expression suite could jump in and save the day and buy themselves a ready made community and have them kissing their ass for doing so. Kodak already sponsor the site in some way so why not take the reigns and own that sucka?

Why not start 2009 with a pre-made community and use that to help snowball what ever you had planned to do later int he year. You might even be able to buy it, put a proper revenue model in place (easier said than done) and flip it.

The community response has been huge check out the Save JPG!!! page which is asking if people want to pay a membership fee.

JPG Mag seem open to ideas so fingers crossed someone with some cash and some vision can step in. It's a bad time of year to try and round up some quick cash though.

All I can say is if you buy it slap the people at 8020 Media as they are obviously have no business sense or respect to their community for wanting to pull the rug from the site so fast. Also it seems Minor Ventures (the backer of 8020 Media) doesn't have the moxy to make a sale or maybe wanted too much?

Note: If you're in trouble then ask for help earlier. Oh and losers cant be choosers. Why let the community die. Take any offer you can get hand over the keys and be thankful.

Update: Techcrunch have posted that a number of buyers are in talks. Smugmug is one but this site charges it's users so JpgMag users can expect to get hit with a fee if this goes ahead.

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