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15 Community Tips from the LOLCats guys


I like this article from Ben Huh from I Can Has Cheeseburger.

This one is poignant.

11. Measure the Number of Shared Experiences, not Users Try not to fixate on the number of users on your site. It’s much more useful to focus on the number of shared experiences. Admittedly, this is much more difficult to monitor but it’s a much more useful statistic.

I spoke about the LOLcat empire here last year.

Youtube Street Fighter kicks ass

This Youtube Street Fighter video falls into the many categories below, all of which helped it become "viral".

1: Looks like it took a lot of time to put together
2: Done for fun and not by a brand
3: Taps into a popular culture (gaming)
4: Taps into a popular sub culture (stop motion animated toys)
5: It's the first time it's been done (original)
6: Well produced but not over done

Take a number of these away and you have is a "fail" video.

January 18, 2009

The customer is always right

Even if they are stoned and just trying to take the piss:



Seriously though, this is awesome. At a lot of companies, carefully thought out legal policies or stifling online processes would stand in the way of this thing happening.

Also see, Jesus is making your pizza.

The Behance Network


The Behance network which comprises of a community for creative people, a productivity application, a line of products for said productivity application, an event, an advisory service and few other things in between seem to be making big inroads into the creative market.

I stumbled upon the network a few times over the last year but it wasn't until I was doing research for a post on Sleevage that a lot of the artists I looked up were on Behance. For example the designer of the latest Portishead album Marc B uses it as his porfolio. He has his own websites too but the last two I looked up also had a Behance portfolio.

You can see why it's so appealing to designers. It's free, it's invite only so the quality is high and it looks great. Most designers don't have the skills or the budget to produce a portfolio site of their own so being on network where you can show off your work easily and for free is perfect.

Just as I've noticed an increase in Behance I've also seen a huge increase in Vimeo videos embedded and link to from sites in the last 6 months as people want to present their video content as best they can. While Youtube has the mass number Vimeo has much better quality content. It has become the pseudo portfolio dumping ground for motion and 3D animators.


Vimeo is more likely to "go viral" than Behance so that's seen by the traffic reach stats from Alexa. Interesting, Vimeo stats have increased lately even though Youtube has offered HD and a better UI. Things which Vimeo had long ago. I guess its now coming down to content. It's harder to find good content on Youtube these days. Although it stil is THE place to search for video.

Facebook gets all the attention however it's interesting to see these other specialized networks pop up and get some traction. This focused audience is also much more attractive to advertisers.

I noticed this promotion from RG/A with them looking for;

"projects that represent how you think we'll use mobile devices to experience music in the future, and we'll award one lucky winner $2500."

There's not that many entries right now but it's not different than most "submit content" competitions. The entries that are there are all of a high quality though.

Is anyone from RG/A willing to give a reason/inspiration for this competition? Is it to help the agency come up with ideas for clients or to find new talent to recruit?

Anyone looking for a network of music creators can check out Newgrounds Audio portal which is chock full of great audio content. A little less chock if you don't like metal.

Behance have also partnered with Cool Hunting to put together a conference The 99 percent Conference. There is no info on speakers or anything and it's 3 months away so hopefully more info is coming soon. But they will be sourcing sponsors and booth options right now I would assume. This looks to be similar to the Australian based Semi Permanent conference which has been run successfully for many years.

I think it's important to look outside the mainstream social networks and communities to find the people you want to talk to. Sometimes this means engaging people across multiple networks rather than just one. The numbers might be smaller but the audience is more targeted and usually more vocal and loyal. And you probably have more options to connect with them.

The problem I see is that the smaller networks require more work. They don't have a sales team, they don't have standards so this requires more work. And as a lot of these type of deals are done at a media level I can't see your average media person putting the effort in. And as these networks don't show up on any traffic reports they probably don't even know about them. It's up to the talented people out there to spot them and to the open minded clients to try something different.

We all love how the web allows you to target niche audiences but then we all rush to Facebook, as we did Myspace because of the sheer volume of people. Sure you can target by contextual ads but your not reaching the true niche audience.

I look forward to 2009 being the year we step away from mainstream and go niche.

'Man in the jacket' hoax viral?

****Update 20/1****
The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed the video is a hoax and is indeed a viral campaign produced by the Photon owned agency, Naked Communications. The SMH article does not reveal the brand, however the original story on quotes publicist Laura Konrads, who in a Google search is the PR Marketing Manager for Witchery Fashion.

Are you my man in the jacket? : Sydney shop assistant 'Heidi' claims her video is legitimate and she's not an actor for a viral campaign. If she wasn't so hot, we might believe her.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting on a Sydney's woman's YouTube plea to find the man of her dreams who apparently left his jacket behind at a cafe after chatting her up. Heidi Clarke, a 24 y.o (Note : her YouTube profile says she's 25, but models do lie about their age) shop assistant has produced a video and setup a website with the help of her graphic designer friend so she can find her man.

Unsurprisingly no-one is too convinced by the legitimacy of the story, least of all Daily Telegraph who suggest it's possibly a viral connected to the fashion label Witchery We agree and add the timing is perfect for a valentines day campaign.

Ms Clarke doesn't appear to have a Facebook profile, which is unusual for someone who's prepared to pimp themselves out in cyberspace. There is however a Heidi Clark with no friends...

Watch the video below and then read on for some analysis :

Heidi has a number of photo's on her webpage that look a little too good to be amateur. The EXIF data has been removed from the JPEGs so nothing telling there. However she is hot and we appreciate her getting her gear off for the sake of publicity.

Heidi's website looks like art director's attempt at being amateur. The 'graphic designer' friend might have been more convincing if they were a 'photographer' friend as they are obviously more handy doing modeling shots than web design.

The YouTube video is very well shot, well beyond the usual YouTube standard and the bedroom looks like it's been cleaned by the team at CSI:Miami. The video is also curiously available as a download on the website (why not just embed the YouTube clip Heidi?) which is HD and exported from Final Cut with the filename 1 - b - YOUTUBE(2).mov with the resolution of 1024x768. That's a big web video.

Heidi or H3idi8 also has a rather active YouTube presence. Since she first signed up on December 23, 2008 she's watched quite a few fashion related videos. She also uploaded a short 8 second mobile video titled on my way to Christmas lunch to Youtube.

We don't know what type of shop assistant Heidi is in Elizabeth Bay, but she definitely has a keen interest in high end fashion if her video viewing behavior is anything to go by. This adds legitimacy to the Daily Telegraph claims.

Get the feeling this is a clumsy attempt at a viral? You're not alone

Know more? Is Heidi a model or shop assistant for Witchery? Drop us an email, or comment below.

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