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February 11, 2009

Last chance to enter One Show 2009


You have until Feb 13 to enter the 2009 One Show Awards. Time is ticking down like Jack Bauer in 24.

There are lots of award shows but for me One Show, Cannes and D&AD are the awards to enter for interactive work. I don;t think you'd find many that disagree. (Webbys are separate)

So don't miss out on one of the big 3. Note: this Feb 13 date is the already extended date so no more extensions!

Oh and I'm on the interactive jury this year so be nice. I'll finally get to meet a few people I've been eager to have a chat to. Looking at you Iain Tait.

December 4, 2008

Creative Circle awards* *now with Pixels


It's a UK only thing, but we all know how many BannerBloggers there are in that part of the world, so here's something just for you.

Finally, an awards show has had the good sense to include that category that we have all wished for on so many occasions. It's true. In 2009, for one year only, you have the chance to win Creative Circle Gold for Best Loader.

True dinks. There's gotta be some real magic there.

Other categories are:

Best Online Advertising
Best Advertising Microsite
Best Social Networking
Most Innovative Digital Campaign
Best Mobile
Best Viral Marketing
Best Viral Video

More and entires here:

About the Creative Circle:

The aims of the Creative Circle are to encourage and enhance creativity in advertising. The Circle limits it remit to only advertising and associated skills. This association concerns itself only with work originated in the UK. Established in 1945 it is the oldest UK body dedicated to this cause. Member and committee are all practitioners of the creative arts, with the Creative Circle paid for and for the benefit of all people within the creative process. Unlike similar organisation the Circle is not a commercial enterprise that seeks to profit from creative people their agencies or their clients.

July 4, 2008

Great Place to Work Videos

I just found the IAB Australia Youtube channel with the Great Place to work videos. Google and Yahoo! battle it out for the most produced video while the others go home made. I'm not sure if the winners has been announced but you can view the entries here for yourself.

June 24, 2008

Back from Cannes

11 Days in Cannes and I'm exhausted! This is what Paris Hilton must feel like partying every night. But a great time was had by all and compred to what you normally see outside a bar at 4am the atmorephere was one of happiness.

2,757 entries in Cyber were submitted this year and as always a few good entries feel through the cracks and some not so special ones were chosen. There was also a slew of trends and themes from this years entries.

I'm going to give my round up that will go a little more in depth than my twitter feed did. I'm so glad to not have to Twitter anymore. It's one way to make any occasion a chore.

June 21, 2008

Cyber Lions Winners Announced

The 2008 Cyber Lion winners have been announced. I'm going to do a bit of visualisation when I get back to graph the trends of entries as there were some real big trends that came out this year.

Webcam, crazy characters, blow into webcam, upload face (still going strong), PR and live events.

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