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February 2, 2008

OneShow Deadline Extension

OneShow has extended the entry deadline until February 8th. Enter Now>

Pay special attention to the entry requirements for the two banner categories - fixed and dynamic space, standalone versions / asset files have to be supplied on cdrom

Hopefully this means that OneShow will be distributing the shortlist / winners on CD using the actual ad assets, instead of video capturing them.

January 26, 2008

One Week Left for One Show Entries!


There's just one week left to Enter One Show. Which when you rank it among all the awards out there is in the top 3 you need to enter.

Enter now at

This year's judges is a who's who of the interactive crowd. In fact that's probably the most solid interactive jury I've seen in a while. They've even managed to track down four females which is impressives as usually these are sausage fests.

Enter the 2008 One Show Interactive and have your websites, online videos, mobile campaigns and more put to the test. One Show Interactive is the most prestigious award show in the industry, and the judges are some of the most respected and sought after creatives in the industry. They come from all corners of the globe to lift the bar higher by honoring a wide variety of work from multinational advertising giants to small regional shops.

-The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2008.

Winners will be announced during the One Show Festival, which is held from May 6 to May 9 in New York City.

December 4, 2007


Some weird and wonderful work amongst the stuff that's been awarded at this year's AWARD and ADMA awards.

Big kudos to Saatchi and Saatchi New Zealand who picked up Agency of the Year, and to Tequila and Host, who had a number of winners peppered through different categories

It seems AWARD certainly hasn't been easy-going with the pencils, and I've heard from one judge who confirmed that it was indeed "a tough year".

Some of the categories are of course getting even more blurred. Mobile and innovative media? Should that be included here?

More work is spilling out into other sections, which is awesome. Mobile is crossing over into online (and vice versa), and integrated work is becoming the standard rather than the exception.


Well, below are the main winners in the categories that as of 2007, are currently known as "Interactive".

(Compare to what won at Cannes in the Cyber category here.)


Only two banner executions picked up anything, and those were part of the follow-up Staedtler The Pen is Mightier than the Mouse campaign by Host.


Nicely-told story of the Battle for the Bronchs done by Tequila


The black character does look a little like Allen Iverson, no?


It almost looks like Tenacious D themselves had a hand in The Greatest Website in the World again by Tequila Australia


Tight make-your-own-ad for Nike with Kimewaza Battle by Beacon Communications Japan


ElectroCity by Rivet New Zealand is the kind of game you would have tried to get your school teacher to let you play instead of doing real work. Nicely crafted too.



Golden Compass Daemons by Tequila again. (You might have to dig deep into the Flash for it.)



And the Hallensteins Interactive Changing Room by Saatchi's New Zealand which I believe also won in the newly-created Dressing Room Innovation Category


Over at ADMA, some of the big winners were the lovingly-crafted Home Sweet As by Host, the Aussie-as Ashes Viral by Tribal DDB and Clemenger Proximity picking up a big tick for "social networking" withV-Raw

A text only PDF of ADMA and AWARD winners can be found here and here respectively. And Campaign Brief, in a great move forward with digital technology, have actually got color pictures of the winners in their PDF round-up.

More work to be posted as we come across it.

Well done to those who won. To those who didn't, we best get working for next year.

November 26, 2007

Hotshop Awards 2007


Australian Creative magazine are again running their Hotshop award for 2007. This time they remembered to include "Digital/Interactive" in the official entry form!

It's $110 an entry and entries close Jan 23, 2008 so plenty of time to get a sexy looking entry together. Last year there were around 11 interactive agencies who entered. Let's see if we can boost that up for this year.

September 27, 2007

Eyeblaster Creative Awards 2007


The People's Choice nominations for the 6th Annual Eyeblaster Creative awards are up. EB also asked me to be one of the judges and has also invited me to NY to present the people's choice winners.

Voting closes Oct 19th with winners announced Nov 6 so cast your now.

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