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September 19, 2008

ADMA Idols 2008

ADMA Idols went off last night with a packed house and some real talent on display.

Foxtel won the band comp last night (and looked like a real band) while Soap picked up best dressed.
Mark put on a good show too although they had an Idol contenstant as a ring in.

Note: for entries next year. The later you go on the more drunk people are and the louder they cheer.

Here's Soap's Band Bath Scum performing.

Bath Scum Live - Night Train from mwg on Vimeo.

Bath Scum Live - Panama from mwg on Vimeo.

September 8, 2008

KIT KAT, Hans Fagerlund & Chunga


In a first for Nestle, a new Kit Kat product variant is being launched entirely online. JWT and RMG Connect Sydney have created the digital launch for the new Kit Kat Cookies and Cream.

The Australian reports "The company will spend about $1 million, more than 70 per cent of which will go to social media websites such as MySpace, to promote the face of Kit Kat Chunky: a character called Hans Fagerlund. Significantly, Nestle confectionary will not use any traditional media to promote the brand. "

Nestle will spend about $1 million, more than 70 per cent of which will go to social media websites such as MySpace.
Source : The Australian

The JWT/RMG campaign has been created specifically for digital communication and the content has been created to engage, play and share predominantly via social networking media. The digital media mix includes social networking & video sharing sites, instant messaging, search, mobile and interactive video banner ads.

A five-part mockumentary called 'Chunga-struck' can be found on YouTube and other video sharing sites

In comments to The Australian, John Broome, Nestle's confectionery head of marketing said "that five years ago the money would have gone to television, radio and outdoor, but the internet and social media were now better for generating word-of-mouth among teens."

The comprehensive digital campaign features:

  • A 5-part mockumentary titled 'Chunga-struck - The rise and rise of Hans Fagerlund' YouTube & Vimeo in HD
  • A Chunga Championship multiplayer game - available on Facebook and Myspace Clearspring.
  • A custom community
  • Interact with Hans via his Facebook Profile
  • Chunga-struck mockumentary via podcast from the iTunes Podcast Directory for their iPod & iPhone
  • Mobile advertising including Hans own mobile # +61 (0) 416 683 732, a iPhone optimised website as well as a Mobile WAP site provided by HyperFactory
  • The obligatory campaign microsite

  • May 21, 2008

    Bannerblog t-shirts for Cannes!

    You read right. Bannerblog is now available in t-shirt format. We've taken Web 2.0 and blended it with a fine American cotton to create what could only be called T-Shirt 2.0.

    Why you ask?

    T-Shirt 2.0 is a cost effective medium to reach a highly targeted but fashion conscious advertising audience"


    Blatant self promotion. We (Ashley (judge), Ashadi (delegate) and Paul (delegate) ) will be cruising the Croisette in a anything-but-limited-edition series of Bannerblog T-Shirts during the Cannes Advertising Festival.

    We're using Red Bubble who digitally print excellent quality American Apparel t-shirts on demand. You can find out more here, they really do rock and like us they're also Australian (use them for your next campaign!).

    We've got 3 designs to choose from, with a selection of t-shirt colours, cuts and sizes (measurement details here). All cost approximately $20 USD plus a few dollars for shipping (effectively the base price RedBubble charge us). Shipping takes between 5-15 days depending on your shipping destination. So you better hop to it if you want your t-shirt in time for Cannes!

    Buy my

    Not attending Cannes? You can always wear it to improve your agency's digital cred. Wearing a t-shirt with a blog URL on it will instantly make you the dude that's down with this whole digital thing . While everyone else around you is wearing $100 designer t-shirts, you'll be the pixel pusher pushing all the right buttons for a mere $20 USD.

    Buy 2 or more, and you've got yourself the beginnings of a t-shirt social network ;)


    May 8, 2008

    Bannerblog Fan page on Facebook

    Find us on Facebook

    We've revisited our facebook presence, and have opted for a 'Fan' Page rather than a Group (which we'll now close). Fan Pages weren't around when we first got on the FB bandwagon and overall we found updating the group too much of a hassle. With the arrival of Fan Pages, comes application support and therefore closer integration between the website and Facebook page thanks to RSS. As a result, you can now :

  • See the latest Banners posted.
  • See the latest News & Jobs headlines.
  • See a calendar of the upcoming Award Shows.
  • Post your latest campaign (we'll treat this as we do email submissions)
  • Share Videos, News, Photos and Create Events.

    We'll likely do alot of our Cannes coverage from here as well, so add us today and make sure you don't miss out!

  • September 24, 2007

    see something. feel something.


    We at Soap have just launched a new promotion for Foxtel called

    The site extends their latest tag line "See something that makes you feel something". It's the first step in many to position Foxtel away from just price based offers and more towards emotional ties people have with their TVs.

    There's four more people being added this week, along with the usual downloads and other media as well as a "making of" for those who are interested.

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