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May 19, 2006

XPlanet is here!


Soap Creative have just launched X Planet, a Google Maps powered X-Men community site to promote the film release of X-Men: The Last Stand.

The key element is the integration of Google Maps within X Planet's interface, enabling users to move around the world and into any location within it - right down to street level. Users are able to develop mutant profiles and "pin" themselves to any location, which can be found by other site visitors. They're also able to include a link to their personal website or blog within their profile, and add other users to a planet-wide "buddy list".

The "Mutant of the Day" feature, direct linking to profiles and a MySpace/Blog badge creation tool ensure that the site generates that sought after "community" aspect.

X Planet steers away from traditional online campaigns that are competitive in nature, such as entering first, collecting puzzles and solving problems to win. Instead it encourages the audience to actively share, rather than compete with other users to create interactivity with each other and the movie.

Beyond the networking features, content from the first two X Men movies, and behind-the-scenes material from the latest one, will be planted around X Planet following launch, further encouraging people to explore and discover.

Personally (as someone who worked on it's initial conception) I'm pretty happy with the end result with only a few tweaks form the initial concept. It's also great to see our idea embraced by Fox in the US rather then being reduced to a small local initative.

April 26, 2006

Cows, cows, everywhere.

On the back of phils entry below...

this site we produced here at Poke last year for Christian Aid -The Big Cow Farm. The database has been reset since it ran so the premise of multiplication is lost somewhat on the counters (it's now a show piece only really). It would have been pretty cool to have them combined me reckons.

And accompanying banners here.

cows are cool.

April 20, 2006

Mootube Launches

For the last bit myself and the gang at Peel have been busy with one of the oddest assignments we've had in a bit - perhaps ever. We've been putting (and continue to put) cameras on cows, and recording the "cow's eye view". A rather silly endeavor, with much grass, and the occasional blair witch bit of motion, but all in all, rather fun. But I'm of course biased, since I've been in the fields of Texas following around longhorns with a crazy wireless video recording setup, and it's been quite fun.

See for yourself


March 28, 2006

The Hills have Eyes Game

We (Soap Creative) have just finished a game for Fox's horror remake The Hills Have Eyes. You'll need headphones or speakers to enjoy this one though.

Check out Mutant Hunt game here.

And those people who are tired us us posting our own work here in the news, then pull your clicking finger out and submit some breaking campaigns.

We're here to pimp ya work so abuse us.

March 24, 2006

Basic Instinct 2 Banners Banned


Yahoo7!, NineMSN and wouldn't run 20th Century Fox's Basic Instinct 2 banners.

Luckily FHM after first rejecting the ads then requested the "muff version" for their homepage.

Didn't they know that "A muff a day helps you work, rest and play" (Sorry that was terrible I know)

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