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August 18, 2007

Sleevage: CD Cover Blog


In and effort to help EMI promote physical CD purchases and their artists we created Sleevage: The world's best CD cover blog. This is purely self proclaimed but we needed Google to index us properly. Why buy a book on the best covers which is probably out of date by the time it's printed when you can get the best online for free. We also wanted to go one step beyond the usual "10 best covers" or "10 worst covers" you see occasionally.

EMI's presence, they use the name Musichead in Australia as EMI represents so many labels, has been kept quite minimal right now and EMI artists have been interspersed with other labels releases. This is all integral to it's success, as support by the other labels is very important. Just as support by agencies is on Bannerblog, we didn't want this to be a Soap Creative blog.

It's growing organically and has been well received by the design and music communities. Also as with most blogs the longer its alive the better it becomes. Also search engine traffic is growing exponentially as more covers are posted. This isn't a 6 month promotion that will be abandoned it will become part of EMI Australia's online arsenal.

We're hoping to grow it above and beyond what Bannerblog has become and with a broad topic of music and design this should be easy. Although there is much more competition for the topic of "album cover design". We've seen two new ones pop up since we launched Sleevage.

This is the main reason updates to Bannerblog have been slightly slower as my attention has been divided.

June 1, 2007

Bannerblog at Cannes Festival


A 160x600 Skyscraper ad for Bannerblog invades the Palais des Festivals.

This year, Bannerblog is undertaking the holly pilgrimage to the great advertising Mecca that is Cannes. That's right, we'll be cruising the Croisette in true advertising style with a t-shirt emblazoned with the words Bannerblog (lime green of course).

We'll be there to cover the best of the festival from a digital perspective, covering the winners and bringing you the work as quick as we can.

We'll also have our Bannerblog Paparazzi camera to catch all the fun, and we'll be putting together a Flickr stream of all you digital mugs.

So if you're in Cannes for the festival (17-23rd) and fancy a drink or want to woo Bannerblog with an invite to your party, drop me an email ashadi at bannerblog [dot] com [dot] au or during the festival call +61 438 808 630

February 9, 2007

Welcome to Frubalia


We (Soap Creative) just launched one of the largest sites we have ever done. Frubalia. Well actually.

The site introduces kids to the Frubas and the world of Frubalia. Uncle Toby's Roll-Ups have now been fully rebranded with the Frubalia characters on them.

The TVC's by Singletons are running now across all the kids shows. Too bad they omiited the Rollups URL or they might actually help drive people to the site :) They've veen disabled embedding and commenting on Youtube for the ads. Oh dear.

October 6, 2006

Commarts gives Bannerblog Props


Commarts mentions us in their "Web Watch" page in the September/October Issue - which also happens to be the Interactive Annual. Lots of other good stuff in there too

Check it out at

and Commarts - Thanks for the Props!

June 6, 2006

Beer League: Pingball


We've (that's Soap) just created a naughty pinball flash game for the release of Artie Lange's Beer League. In our defense the movie is rated (R) and Artie is a regular on the Howard Stern show so we tried to keep in theme. I hear that The Pitching Machine can be booked for weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate functions.

So those easily offended should not play Pingball.

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