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March 4, 2008

Macquarie Comms Group & Blue Freeway?

Contrary to what Adnews is reporting, we think Macquarie Communications Group is a potential suitor for Blue Freeway. Just a guess, but at last look in January, Macquarie Group Limited had acquired 10.39% of BLU Read ASX Announcement

MCG could indeed be Mitchell Communications Group, but we think otherwise.

February 5, 2008

Myspace Developer Platform


Mashable has reported on Myspace fast tracking their developer platform and it's due to launch next month.

While late to the party the platform will be built using Google's "Open Social" which means you build one app and it can be easily ported to Bebo, LinkedIn and many other social sites.

I look forard to seeing Zombies and Pirate apps take over Myspace.

Photon acquires Naked

*** Update 9:54am ***
The announcement has been made and the trading halt has been lifted. The ASX filing here

In a stunning piece of acquisition action, Photon Group Limited (ASX: PGA )has acquired independent planning shop, Naked Communications. There is currently no announcement of the acquisition lodged with the ASX, but according to sources, the deal includes an initial upfront cash payment of £16.5 million.

Photon entered a trading halt last night, and are expected to resume this morning according to an ASX filing.

February 4, 2008

ASX Digital Media Market Watch 2


Ashley reports from his ivory tower

We posted in January about the fall in digital stocks in Australia. It seems a lot can happen in a month with two of the biggest players having more troubles and management changes.


And it seems Blue Freeway has continued to be hit hard. Their share price was $1.11 when we posted and now sits at $0.44c. This from a high of $2.44. Ouch! Richard Webb their CEO has stepped aside after just 12 months and management are fanning the fires by announcing restructures and top level job cuts.


All this noise about Blue Freeway covered the fact that Hyro's share price dropped from 16c to 9c in a day and their CEO step aside the day after.

Ashadi pointed out that Apple shares have also dropped since January (down form $199 to just $136) so anyone heeding my investment advice would have been screwed either way.

But the share market is for the long term and it will be interesting viewing watching these local tech stocks as they keep their head above water.

January 16, 2008

The downfall of HD-DVD

The DVD wars are coming to a close. Here's a great spoof that explains everything that's happened recently.

At least it seems Sony might win this format war.

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