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October 4, 2008

State of the Blogosphere 2008


Everything you wanted to know about the Blogosphere (hate that word) and more. Technorati release their State of the Blogosphere 2008 report.

Reading this series of reports will let you fake your way through any conversation on blogging even if you think a Blogroll is something you find at a Yum Cha restaurant. Anyone out there fluffing their way through a digital strategist role at an above the line agency should have hard copies of this too.

The report contains not just sexy graphs (like below) on blogs but also insight as to why we blog and the people who blog.


September 20, 2008

$184M in Virtual World Investment

Over $184M was invested in Virtual Worlds in the 1st QTR of 08. Full article here.

Even if you take away the $100M invested in 9you this is a significant amount of cash. Not all these worlds are "Second Life" clones.

Second Life makers Linden Labs also talked about their second coming. Yeah I was surprised to that they are still in business. Here's some stats on usage.

Registered users is above 15 million. The more important number is the simultaneous users. That is now more than 68,000.

No indication if this is steady, dropping or rising.

It's not just virtual worlds making cash. Trism developer Demiforce revealed at a games conference that made $250,000 in 2 months via the App Store. Full article here. It helps they had one of the best games available and launched at the perfect time. But this is amazing for a 1 man development team.

Why do projects for clients when you could potentially release your own software to a spend happy consumer market?

September 7, 2008

Take Me To Your Leader Blog

Take Me To Your Leader is another trend watching in marketing blog to add to your Google Reader.

There are so many of these types of blogs now I want to see some focus on certain topics.

September 6, 2008

Seth McFarlanes's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy


Maybe because I've been travelling lately I missed the initial buzz around this but you'd think a new Seth MacFarlane series sponsored by Burger King would have generated more interest.

The full show goes live Sept 10 and I can't wait. Below are two teasers for the series. There is also an official site for the show but with no new content until Sept 10.

I'm not sure of the BK deal usrups the one preivously announced here about distributing the shows 50x2minute episodes via Googles Adsense network.

August 5, 2008

Google Street View Now in Australia


Google Maps Street View is finally released in Australia. See our office below.

View Larger Map

I can now check out my old apartments

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Now we wait for people to find the interesting street maps photos showing robberies, people broken down or even burning cars.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

There has also been a lot of talk in the Australian press about privacy concerns with Google Street View and people complaining that it makes it easy for people to plan robberies and escape routes.

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