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December 12, 2009

Cruel Joke Online Media Placement


Oh this is just mean :)

Thanks for sending in Richard.

April 23, 2009

Commbank on Gizmodo

There is a line that can be crossed when advertising/sponsorship on a site just goes to far. Exhibit A from Gizmodo Australia for Commbank is below.


4 banners all showing the same message and animation and the side 300x600 doesn't scroll away on the page. It follows you down the the banner at the bottom. A real wasted opportunity that will just end up annoying the user rather than persuading them.

Client must be thrilled. "BRILLIANT, NO ONE COULD MISS THIS SHIT!" should be the media release.

January 21, 2009

Over in the Media department

NB: Spoilers ahead for you Battlestar Galactica nerds out there.

They must be shooting themselves in the head over this extremely unfortunate ad placement that aired after a certain scene in Battlestar Galactica recently:

January 7, 2009

Billionaire Suicides Contexual Ads


Have a look at the the contextual ads on the homepage and the actual article page for the Suiciding Billionaires. Oh dear.

It's worse for the actual article page. The orange banner started with "What would you do if you had more time"



Note for all brands. I don't want my banner shown on anything related to death. ie suicide, dogs killing kids, war etc etc. It's just too much of a minefield.

I guess publishers will lose ad revenue and have to settle for a "happy news site"

On a side note: Also why can I only comment on certain news articles on

Howard calling shotgun to Obama's place = OK,
Babysitters Dog kills little girl = OK,
Guy with pants down on ski lift (very front page worthy) = OK
but suiciding billionaires = NO and
a driver arrested speeding and wanking (again front page worthy) = NO

December 21, 2008

Product Naming Fail

"My Wife would like one of those" hehe

Funnier than this previous AYDS example as no one has ever died of a Wonder Boner.

Video found on my new fav site YesButNoButYes add this to your Google reader now.

Here's another example Rimming Sugar haha I know what everyone is getting for xmas.

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