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December 30, 2007

Vimeo the HD alternative to Youtube

Sometimes you need to post a video online and the number of views, favorites and links doesn't matter. What matters is quality. Youtube's quality is a low 200kps and your video, let's say your show reel or beautifully crafted TVC, looks awful in Youtube's 320x240 blurry vision.

There is an alternative which offers all the community sharing aspects of Youtube but with increased quality. Not only that it supports HD. Upload a 1280x720 clip and Vimeo will auto create a small version (400x300) and allow viewers to watch the full HD footage. Here's Vimeos HD FAQ which explains more.

Users have the option of turning off HD at any time and load the smaller clip so bandwidth is not an issue.

Click here to see a comparison of videos on both Youtube and Vimeo.

October 2, 2007

Random Image Bookmarking


If you haven't seen this yet, check it out. Perfect for that strike of inspiration or jarring you out of a visual rut at least.

FFFound - Image bookmarking.

Some examples I ffffound are bbbelow:





















July 18, 2007

Simpsonize Me & Yellow Fever

The Simpsons movie is 8 days away (I would say how great it is but I've been told not tell anyone I've seen it) and we're heading into the biggest marketing push Fox has ever done. So big they have put together a website to showcase the promotions. See Yellow.


What's not on there is the new Simpsonize Me tool for Burger King. Just launched by CP+B.

Now it's a little rough around the edges (read: buggy) but when it does work it's actually pretty cool. Uploading a face definitely takes the grunt work out of creating a character.


Here's me Simpsonized. I had to adjust the hair but it's a pretty good likeness. It's even captured my terrible fashion sense. I also Simpsonized myself age 80. As you can see I no longer wear glasses and my ears are bigger but I've now got a great sense for fashion. I look forward to my Versace days to come in my 80's.


What's confusing is that the official Simpsons site has their own Create your own Simpsons avatar tool. Here's the Simpsons character I created a few weeks back. To launch two similar online initiatives seems a waste and also takes the allure off the BK one.

What's missing from both is a gallery function. I want to see other people's characters. I want to see them all in a huge crowd shot. I guess I'll have to browse the Flickr groups and fan forums for my fix.

And and if you dial you age in at 200 this is what you get. Don't do it as you have to upload your photo again after.


As for what else is happening outside of what's mentioned on See Yellow, there is also:

Harpers Bazaar:
This great Simpsons Harper's Bazaar spread. That will tickle the fashionistas.


Twelve artist inspired limited edition Simpsons Vans. That should keep the sneaker freaks happy.


Samsung are releasing a Limited Edition Simpsons mobile. This and the Yellow XBOX 360 will keep the tech geeks happy.


And finally we have the Limited Edition Donut Packaging for The Simpsons Movie soundtrack. Now trust me when I say that you will be singing the Spiderpig theme when you leave the cinemas. This will keep me happy at least.


Both Samsung and Vans should have created official sites for these promotions. Their corporate sites (Vans | Samsung) don't even mention these at all. You can't rely on bloggers as your only form of information distribution!

Even more detailed info can be found on Wikipedia.

July 1, 2007

the iPhone lands in the states

It finally arrived yesterday, and i'm writing this entry from a new iphone. While without flash still it doesn't quite provide the full web experience, the future and potential oportunities are great. The browsing experience is quite nice, and it's likely that both publishers and advertisers will soon be talking about a very different mobile experience set. Or rather, those of us that present options to take advantage of the new form factor that has just lauched will grow our businesses.

Rumor has it that a european 3G version will be announced as early as july 2nd, with delivery set for the fall. If nokia, motorola and microsoft push there mobile browsers up to attempt to match mobile safari, then the opportunities will really crank up. Lets hope so, and in the meantime, start playing with an iphone and thinking about what you can build.

June 13, 2007

Brahma kombi 3D


Right, there's a lovely thing going down about, Flash 9 and it's 3D prowess is enabling another dimension (scuse the pun) to what we as creatives can do.

This is a sweet example of texture mapping from users being rendered realtime, forgive me as I do not speak russian, so I cannot therfore translate - can anyone out there help with this?

Anyway it looks cool and no doubt we'll be seeing more and more of this in ads and sites as we go on.

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