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Campaign - 2006 wrap up

Campaign magazine, the british adland tabloid, released it's yearly "report", um, today. Well worth a read for us digital folk.

The Digital agency of the year is Agency Republic - review the work we've got posted for them here.

And the top 10 digital campaigns in the Uk were, according to Campaign:

1. Lynx Blow - Dare
2. Army on Everest - PCI Finch
3. Mercedes A-S - Agency Republic
4. Radio 1 Music Cubes - Agency Republic
5. Mini White Rabbit - Profero
6. Mini Havaword - Glue
7. Vodafone Smash a desk - Dare
8. Dare school - Dare
9. Smart online, Safe online - Profero
10. ITV Dinosaur - Play

There's a great selection of work in there, and this is a good chance to look at it all, take a deep breath and say - "I can do better than that" - then get to it.

It's a great time for digital, people are looking, the budgets and the standards are getting higher and richer than ever.

December 9, 2006

Xmas Promotions: Call for Submissions


We'd like to keep an index of any online Xmas cards or Xmas promotions you are doing for your agency or client.

Please submit links to the campaign or ecard and we'll add this to a list we are preparing over the next week.

December 8, 2006

Creative Showcase Winners 1

The winners have been announced in the first Creative Showcase AU competition. Check out the winners & runners up here.

December 4, 2006

Bluetongue 'Whale Safe' Beer

This is a viral to raise awareness of Bluetongue Brewery's support of the Sea Shepard Society and their quest to rid the Southern Ocean of Japanese Whaling fleets.

Japan continues to hunt hundreds of whales each year in our backyard, the Southern Ocean, on the pretext of scientific research. Bluetongue Brewery wants Australians to be aware of who owns their beer company, and what the owners of those brewers really represent and stand for. Ever wondered who owns the piss you drink? check out the list here

To find out more and have your say visit

For press coverage of this initiative, see Singo launches 'whale safe' beer, Singo's great brew whale plan , Save the whale, sell beer. Singo does it againThe Sea Shepherd Society and BlueTongue Brewery

December 1, 2006

Photosynth Tech Demo


While not exactly advertising, this is still very interesting what Microsoft is doing with their new Photosynth application.

Check out the Pope's stomping ground here in faux 3D. Note: You'll need a PC and IE 6-7 to access this but it's worth it.

It'll be interesting to see if this will be embraced by the advertising community like Google Maps and Earth have been.

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