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November 27, 2006

Bannerblog Newsletter: Issue 3

Banner Blog: Where banners click
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Dear subscriber,

November has been a big month for Bannerblog, as we welcomed the first of our advertising partners, Eyeblaster Inc. The partnership with Eyeblaster is a near perfect fit for us, since many of the campaigns featured on Bannerblog were created and deployed through Eyeblaster across the world.

Read more about it here including our commitment to donate 25% of all revenue to charity.

Speaking of chairty Ashley has been growing a moe for the last 3 weeks and there's still time to donate some money for Movember. All donations are tex deductable and the money go towards issues with Men's Health.

November also saw the introduction the Job Board. Over the past 12 months the site has developed into thriving resource for the creative community and with traffic reaching 40k unique users a month, we figured a jobs board is a natural fit.

We’ve got jobs listed for Ogilvy, DDB, RMG Connect and Glue just to name a few - we even have a position for a Online General Manager at Foxtel.

Still think we’re missing a few bells and whistles? Not Web 2.0 enough for you? Send us your suggestions!

Glue [UK]

This superb banner for Mini UK caught the eye of the the Bannerblog Team this month for its simple and effective use of interactive video to demonstrate the benefit.

Dare [UK]
Lynx (Unilever)

Using a microphone as input, you get to "blow" all over the stunning young lady, and remove her unfeasibly limited clothing in the process.

And as the site points out, “despite the cold - size matters. You need broadband for the best experience”


For those readers unfamilar with the sport known as Cricket, take a quick look at the Wiki entry here.

This year’s Ashes Series has seen a huge increase in the number of brands looking to engage with a dedicated fans and bored office workers online.

Bannerblog is keeping an up-to-date list of games, virals and promotions here and below we provide you with a random selection:

Tribal DDB [AU]
Australia Strikes Back

Soap Creative [AU]
Backyard Classic Catch

Preloaded [UK]
Defend the Ashes

Lovely Pop: Sensual
Hellmann's Ketchup
IBM: Fly Swat
Vodafone: Van
IBM: Business man
IAB Creative Showcase (AUS)
The newly launched IAB in Australia has called for submissions to the creative showcase. More Info
The jobs board has kicked off well with a wide variety of jobs already posted after just one week. Here is a few.

Interactive Art Director / Designer
DDB Seattle - USA

Interactive Designer
Glue London - UK
Senior Web Designer
Tequila Shanghai - China

Integrated Producer (Interactive)
More Jobs

Thanks for continuing to support Bannerblog, and keep the submissions rolling in. Remember, we’ve got a News section now which is growing rapidly and we’re filing stories every few days and would be happy to promote your latest campaign. Drop us a line

The Bannerblog Team

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November 25, 2006

30k "officially" at last

Beuraucracy is a funny thing. It's a little like testing medicines - some may know they work for most - but "officially" we all have to wait until the "official" precentages are right.

Anyway - this little announcement has a few people excited in the UK, now we can run standard IAB sizes at 30k (I'm assuming for all formats) - to add that litlte bit extra in the execution.


Now I'm not sure about the rest of you but I've been publishing 30k files across all formats, most of the time for the last 2+ years (there are some exceptions - like yahoo and a handful of fringe or multiple site buy bookings for planners looking to get home before 6, and, excel formula wizard types who tell you that the targeted campaing is in fact he same site structure they've been presenting for the last 7 years [since 1999 according to this]) - of course.

Lets not even start with "standard" or polite options in regards to video (600k+ minimum, easy). Without interaction.

And I honestly can't remember when I was told no to even 31.6k - because it saved the flash guys 3 days (thats 1 k per day) in specialist compression reduction techniques to target my "unofficial" 30k limit. Hell you can even save some bytes if you add up the bytes: 1 KB (one KiloByte) = 1,024 Bytes - thats 24 extra bytes per 1000 if your good with the lingo - also you've got some flexibilty with the Block allocation when you view the size in lsit form on your PC/mac.

Kids, don't always believe what you hear from the buyers/planners - they like to keep it very very simple - they are flexible, and they will move - and may even dance if you ask them with the right tone of conviction and passion.

Sure 30k is good news, but now we should be aiming for 50k "unofficially".

From little things big things grow.

November 23, 2006

Creative Showcase AU


The Creative Showcase has been going strong in the UK for a while now (it's a great place to grab banners from) and we've decided to start one up in Australia. And when I say 'we' I mean Mike from Profero and the other peopel not Bannerblog.

The Australian Creative Showcase will be judged quarterly and hopefully will be a good chance for some friendly competition.

It's free to enter so get submitting as there's been some nice work done lately by everyone.

Note: The first round clsoes very soon (Monday, Nov 27) so get your entries in ASAP

November 21, 2006

Yahoo! Mail Championships


There's a new generation of webmail email clients rolling in. Yahoo have recently launched a new version with all the features you'd expect from a desktop app - drag n drop, preview pane etc etc etc. and it's very very good.

Poke were tasked with the launch marketing - and in the vein of Nikepro and Adidas Stella Mcartney, the Yahoo! Mail Ultimate Championships Games Grand Final two thousand and six were born to this world.

Hone your skills, practise your technique, and maybe, just maybe, you could be the best of the best. Better even than the "experts" - four emailers from different walks of life - with different demands from their chosen tools.

A toungue in cheek "poke" at super-flash-wank sportsporn websites - disguised a promotion.

November 19, 2006

One Car, Six journeys - Mercedes


I've had the luxury of working in some of the best studios that London has to offer in recent years, Agency Republic being amongst them in a big way - I really, really like this latest piece of work

It might have seemed difficult to surpass the recent (well this year anyways) A-S campaign (again from AR), but with the combination of great writing from real-world authors (yes... copywriters are still "real"), really lovely illustration, and smooth rolling animation - I think it's wonderful - and guess what - it communicates as well.

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