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September 19, 2006

Let Tekken Decide


Tequila Sydney have launched Let Tekken Decide to promote the new Tekken game on PSP.

The characters are quite funny and it's easy to get into the action. The videos were a tad long for my short attention span and there wasn't enough heaving cleavage (a staple with all fighting games these days) but it is still an enjoyable time waster.

September 18, 2006

Enter the Copywriter


September 15, 2006

Protect the Human

The good people at Amnesty International have just released this viral.

From Protect the Human players - *THE* world's *FIRST* and *ONLY* 'issues-based comedy' quartet.

"Our unique mix of awareness-raising subject matter, adept comedy writing, and razor-sharp performance guarantees an experience you won't soon forget."

Good to see a good cause, promoted through consumer advocated marketing. It's very funny in a dark sort of way.

Also there's this about arms dealing on the subject of the recently posted Lockheed banner.

September 14, 2006

Soul glo*

This is an advertising blog right? This a classic. Also, possibly completely irrelevent.



Creative review has launched a blog to compliment their print and electronic offering. I haven't trialed the E-CR yet but from the looks of it they have really integrated that part into the mag well with the print version containing hyperlinks and indiators as to what content is expanded online. I don't think any other magazine is doing this right now

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