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Eyeblaster Uni Presentation

I hope you all enjoyed my quick presentation on Kick Ass Online Creative at Eyeblaster University yesterday. I too enjoyed myself as I haven't been in a room with so many media people before without wanting to hurt anyone.

Here is my presentation for those that missed it or wants to go over it again. Just insert your own well timed, witty comments between and during the slides ;

Download the 3MB PPT file.

Big thanks to Mick from Eyeblaster Australia for putting it together. My only comment would be catering wise party pies are better than fancy sandwiches.

September 1, 2006

Diesel Heaven


Diesel have just launched a huge online promotion title Diesel Heaven that has been seeing around for the last few months.

With no less than three fake blogs (this makes the Zero Movement seem subtle), a Frappr group, and several Youtube videos subtley supporting the promotion. No Flickr accounts though?.

All the blogs are now linking to the main promotional site. For me the let down is the presenter. She's quite annoying. Is this is heaven maybe the sexy chicks are in hell? To me Hi-Res have done much better work in the past. While the site looks nice it just isn't that fun to explore. It also feels like

I especially like this stencil on the mattress.

It's ashame they didnt submit it to my fav site Street Mattress

Off topic: I'm currently third for Aussie submissions and still actively trying for 2nd spot.

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