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October 31, 2006

Virgin Say Yes Viral


Virgin should have known better and was even warned by Rob Manual that a promotion on would not go to plan.

The promotion was an extention of their "Say Yes" campaign and they asked B3ta users to photoshop "What would happen if you said yes to everything." The best entries woudl win an XBOX360. Foolish earthlings :)

Here's a bit of the fallout on the B3ta boards and and article in the Guardian here.

And for those unfamilar with B3ta, here is just one person,s contributions to the site. Pure genious.

Double Trouble


HOST have launched a new promotion for McKenna Bourbon touting two girls nicknamed Double Trouble.

As a flash guy I'm most interested in the ability to ring a phone number and have your voice recorded to a web application.

I would have liked to have seen more from this than just the ability to prank a mate with the fake radio video but I understand again time and budget restraints.

October 30, 2006

Creative Hotshop 2007


You have just a week to enter Creatives Hotshop award for 2007. Now with the Interactive category added. It'd look bad if we don't get many entries in the Interactive category after fighting for it to be added. So get your pens out and start entering. Also it's free!! so no need to budget for this one.

Also D&AD, New York Festivals, One Show , Clio and the Webbys are open for entry. Phew that's alot of entries fees.

If I've missed any other awards let me know. There's too many to keep track of.

October 26, 2006

Ads by Google


Do Google and Youtube think I speak Mandarin? I'd had already logged into my account and entered all the relative geo location data and I still see ads like this. I guess this is why companies pay per click with Google.

October 25, 2006

Saw III Youtube

To promote Saw 3 Lions Gate created a Youtube specific video. It also alludes to a code (ala LOST) but this one is a little easier to decipher. It's good to see people seeing Youtube videos as a whole new medium to utilize and not just plonk the standard trailer up there. It's sad the code didn't actually lead anywhere specific though.

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