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October 24, 2006

LynxJet Planet & Branded Pop

It started with Starburst back in 2002 who had a hit song (top 50 in the ARIA charts) with Get Your Juicies Going.

Now we have LynxJet and the Dizzy Bananas and their song "Spin Spin Spin". This is the extension to the very successful LynxJet campaign. View the clip below.

I can't say I'm feeling the love on this clip. But I've been suprised when stuff I thought was crap goes nuts so I'll be interested in seeing how this clip goes "virally".

A better example on branded music would be Tea Partay from Smirnoff. I haven't read any press releases about how many countries it's been viewed by but Youtube seem to show 1.6M+ views on this video. And now annoying Vividas popups in sight!

You can view the Tea Partay campaign site here.

The Dizzy Bananas aside the Lynxjet Planet campaign site that really confuses and annoys me.


A lot of money was spent here but all in the wrong places. I'd love to deconstruct where it fails but it's obvious. It stinks of wasted opportunity and for that it annoys me.

Yes guys like girls and playing games but the two combined aren't always a winner. Especially when it feels as labored as this is.

We also like sport and seeing stuff explode. See below.

This is said to be a 100% online campaign so "hoo rahh" to Unilever for putting the money into online and "boo hiss" to Lowe Hunt for pissing it up the wall.

In contrast the interactive work done for Lynx/Axe worldwide (Game Killers, Feather, Alphabet Girls and my fav Ravenstoke) is of the highest quality and it's a shame that Australia has let down the team. The only solution I can see if for Unilever to give me complete access to the Lynxjet girls and the budget they spend on LynxJet Planet.

October 21, 2006

Bannerblog Improvements

We'd added a couple of requested features to the site this weekend.

Search: You can now search the archives! You'll notice the little search box in the top left.

News Archives: The news section now has a proper archive. You can check it out here.

If you have any other suggestions on how to make the site better please email us.

October 19, 2006

AWARD Finalists 2006


The 2006 finalist for AWARD have been announced. See the full list here.

We trying to put together a list of the Interactive winners as it's a waste just getting the title of the job with no URL.

Hopefully one of the judges will slip me the URL's. Ashadi??

October 13, 2006

M&M's Dark


Even though Ad-Rag has pointed out this idea has been done the death lately, the M&M's Dark Movie hunt game is still really fun. You can even download the image at full res here.

It's always fun keeping track of the trends. We had Subservient Chicken, Then Trailer Crashers, 'aveaword and now this as idea thats are copied until peopel get sick of them. The annoying part is the ideas are too tempting to fall back on when brainstorming.


One nice adaption of the idea is this promotion for Viking Direct called Stationary Movies. It's a great way to make office stationary fun and for what seems like a boring client, it's quite a fresh idea. It's also gone one step further than the other brands by allowing peopel to submit their own Stationary movies.

October 9, 2006

Massive Joke


Campaign Brief had a link to this interesting idea.

From CB "World-first opportunity for a company to embed itself at the centre of a stand-up comedy routine to be posted on YouTube. Cummins & Partners Melbourne copywriter and stand-up comedian Jason Rose has launched a website – – that offers a unique opportunity for a company to promote itself on YouTube. The site will auction off the chance for a business to place itself at the centre of a stand-up comedy routine that Jason Rose will perform and record at a live comedy venue and then post on the video-sharing site."

I'd be interested in how this goes. Youtube is a wierd beast, the cream does rise to the top on many occasions, Little Superstar being one good example, but there's also many pieces of questionable content (read: stupid videos) that get half a million views that leave you scratching your head as to why.

I hate to fill up the news with Youtube videos but here's another killer vid from India. Bollywood doesn't get much better than this.

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