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December 27, 2006

Banner Ads Come to Verizon Mobile


Look out for bannerads on your mobiles as Verizon take the the initative and place banners on on news, weather, sports and other websites that users visit via their Verizon mobile phones.

Read the full article here on Marketing Vox. There's also an atricle about Yahoo! dipping their toes into this area too.

This will be far more to do with branding and less to do with CTR. Which I think is a good step in thinking for banner advertising.

December 22, 2006

Xmas Break


Bannerblog will be takling a brweak from Dec 22 - Jan 3. There will still be some updates (to get through the backlog of entries we have received) but don't expect regular updates.

We hope you all have a great holiday season and what ever you are celebrating, make sure you shoot a video of it and pop it on Youtube.

No use getting totally drunk and throwing up on a slippery slide if there's no one there to video tape it.

I'll be posting all the agency Xmas ecards in the enxt few days.

December 17, 2006

Youtube + Coca Cola = Wishcast

The next step in Xmas Ecards is sending Youtube videos sponsored by Coke! Check out there Holiday Wishcast.

Here's an example of what your friends will receive.

I like is the little characters in the design frames. Sadly that's the limit to their involvement.

I hate to be negative but the whole thing is registering pretty high on my "Lame-O-Meter".
I like that Youtube are open to different promotions but this just seems a waste? (read: shit)
Maybe i'm just an Ebenezer Scrooge.

What really freaked me out was this image of the Coca-Cola polar bear. WTF!

December 15, 2006

Crack Open A Friendly

Foster has been relaunched in the USA and they have done it entirely online. You can read the credit list and more info here on Campaign Brief's blog.

There are currently 3 videos on youtube with, by the looks of the website, another 18 or so to come. The website is a bit of the let down. Or if you are Australian it's a bit of an embarrassment. Crikey mate! this site's as smelly as a dead dingo's donger.



We've reached a milestone today with our 1000th comment being posted on Bannerblog. Admittedly it was 1 of 4 comments posted by the same person, for a banner I assume they had a part in but it doesn't matter.. we broke 1000!!

In reality we've actually had over 9,000 comments posted but the other 8,000 are spam.

I'm happy that the majority of people who post comments do not post anonymously, and the majority is not overly negative. We do have the odd commenter who likes to stir the pot "read: posting that everything is shit" but this just adds to the fun. At least we have a friendlier community than the one on the Campaign Brief blog

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