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August 24, 2007

Moan your IP....

Moan your I.P. address - proper geek porn. pffffffffff ha.

August 18, 2007

070829 & Mysterious Marketing


I was delighted to see that after clicking the mysterious banner seen here I was taken to an even better experience on the site The audio is particularly nice.

I'll let you all solve the site's puzzle yourself but here's what you are left with in the end. A silhouette of what looks to be a Nokia N81 (Nokia's iphone killer) and a countdown to it's release.


A quick Google search of "070829" reveals there was a lot of interest in this campaign. So I'd say it has been successful in generating buzz.

This type of marketing is also doing well for J.J Abrams new film untitled film codenamed "Cloverfield" with their site


Here's one film that's generating lots of buzz by letting the fans imaginations go wild. As seen in the many blogs like Cloverfield Clues, Cloverfield News and Project Cloverfield. The guys at Paramount got this one right as everyone is doing the work for them.

If you need any more proof that this type of marketing brings out the nerds check this very nerdy Youtube analysis of everything released for Cloverfield. 350,000 views for this!? He sounds like Perez Hilton.

Also Ethan Haas Was Right is another recent promotion which I wrong stated was related to Cloverfield. It's actually for a new pen and paper based Role Playing Game Alpha Omega.


It's funny reading the comments in forums that people were actually disappointed it wasn't related to Cloverfield. And that the majority of the news coverage online linked it to Cloverfield.

B!X and his site OMGWTFEHWR was the first to uncover the link between EthanHaas and AO and covers the promotion quite well.

So let that be a lesson to all you experimental marketers. If you are going to go underground and do an ARG or mysterious promotion, make sure there is some link, even if tiny, to the product or service you're actually selling or risk having it attributed to something else and all your hard work wasted.

Have you seen any other good examples of this type of marketing? Please link it up in the comments.

Sleevage: CD Cover Blog


In and effort to help EMI promote physical CD purchases and their artists we created Sleevage: The world's best CD cover blog. This is purely self proclaimed but we needed Google to index us properly. Why buy a book on the best covers which is probably out of date by the time it's printed when you can get the best online for free. We also wanted to go one step beyond the usual "10 best covers" or "10 worst covers" you see occasionally.

EMI's presence, they use the name Musichead in Australia as EMI represents so many labels, has been kept quite minimal right now and EMI artists have been interspersed with other labels releases. This is all integral to it's success, as support by the other labels is very important. Just as support by agencies is on Bannerblog, we didn't want this to be a Soap Creative blog.

It's growing organically and has been well received by the design and music communities. Also as with most blogs the longer its alive the better it becomes. Also search engine traffic is growing exponentially as more covers are posted. This isn't a 6 month promotion that will be abandoned it will become part of EMI Australia's online arsenal.

We're hoping to grow it above and beyond what Bannerblog has become and with a broad topic of music and design this should be easy. Although there is much more competition for the topic of "album cover design". We've seen two new ones pop up since we launched Sleevage.

This is the main reason updates to Bannerblog have been slightly slower as my attention has been divided.

August 16, 2007


super_virals_bb.jpg (terrible name made worse by the logo) is a new venture that allows brands to brief out "viral video" in exchange for prizes. They've signed up mambo, Krispy Kreme and Nudie juice so far.

They describe themselves better than I can so this is form their FAQ section

"SuperVirals is a new creative platform where you can win big prizes by creating and uploading original ideas for sponsor brands. Which means it's also the place to see the best new viral content on the web!"

The briefs are open enough to allow creative freedom but my cynical view on the world won't be banking on this taking off. It just feels too labored?. But I've been wrong many times before. I think 1% (read here) sums it up well.

I haven't hear much from Telstra's WotNext site but it still seems to be going so that's one thing. They also have Project Joystick which is asking for game ideas.

All comps require the user to sign over all IP with their winning entry. I guess this matter little to the general public but matters a lot to people who actually have talent.

August 14, 2007

World's Biggest Cross


While looking at the Mad Men site I was surprised to see banner advertising for The World's Biggest Cross in Nazereth.

It feels like another one of those promotions where you fill out your name and it goes into a big list that you can navigate. But instead of typing in your name and seeing your details on the biggest cross you part with $100 or so and buy your name onto the cross in the form of a tile. One of 7.2 millions used to make this 60 meter high monstrosity.

So the race is on for other religions to make the world's biggest something. Unless The Church of Scientology can just claim The Big Pineapple as their holy place (L. Ron Hubbard did like pineapple) then they have already won.

Below is an artists impression of the COS headquarters for SE Queensland.

But back to being all serious and stuff. It's amazing to see charities and religions take to the web so well. While some brands struggle to understand and use the web properly, religions on every side of the fence have been using it to great effect for many years.

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