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Diesel XXX SFW Video Invite

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

This had a few in our office in tears. A great copy of SFW porn from The Viral Factory (who have made some of the best viral work lately) to promote Diesel's XXX party.

Here's two of my favs from SFW porn


Video originally found on Creativity Online.

Add this to Julian's list of ideas CTRL V'd for advertising. Still it's so well done

September 24, 2008

The #1 Marketing blog in Australia.


Marketing Magazine (Australia) & Julian Cole of The Population, have put together a list of Australia's Top 100 Marketing Blogs using the same style methodology as the AdAge Power 150.

In the August print edition of Marketing Magazine we we're number 2. However on Julian's website, we're now number 1, outranking industry stalwarts such as B&T magazine (#41) and Campaign Brief (#21).

A great result for us, so thank you to all our readers, contributors, commenters, loiterers and our sponsor Eyeblaster.

Youtube Takeover Experience Wii


This new piece for Nintendo's Wario Land Shake it "Experience Wii" is quite nice.

I love the fact that Youtube have put this on their domain to make it seem even more real. The game looks like fun too. Glad to see someone hasn't forgotten about the good old platform game genre.

What I love best is you can actually throw the elements around the page once it's complete. I clicked around just to see and it was a nice surprise. The Wario Land Shake It official website is very tight as well.

September 21, 2008

LeBron James beating in a game of HORSE by a nobody

Watch this video as a contest winner beats NBA all star in a game of HORSE. In spectacular fashion!

This would be like me whipping Tiger Wood's ass in Putt Putt. What Lebron James has here (or one of his many sponsors) is an opportunity to redeem him self much like EA did with their Walk on Water shot. If Lebron leaves this video up without a response he'll fail.

Magic Salad Plate


Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne have launched a new campaign for Four N' Twenty pies called Magic Salad Plate. I actually hear about this on the radio first. (This is your basic food when at the footy. The aussie version of a hot dog at the baseball.)

Guys can pick up the plate for free by entering the unique codes on supermarket frozen packs.

Update: It's actually $5 + $5.65 postage and you have to buy two packs to get the codes. This seems a bit steep.

The website could use some help and why they embedded a video player instead of the Youtube link is a mystery. But it's all about the plate not the site.

While not as fun or collectable as the VB Boony Doll i think this is still a great promotion. You can see these at the next BBQ providing some laughs and more importantly a reason to choose Four N' Twenty over other frozen pies.
I eat Sergeants but will grab a pack to get my free plate this week.

You can read the 122 comments on the Campaign Brief blog about this campaign. Well maybe 20 comments are about the campaign and the rest are childish comments and name calling.

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