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McCain Space

And I thought the election in Australia over did it with all the Facebook groups and Youtube channels

While I was in Brazil I asked if elections had been taken over by the web yet and it was a resounding no. No politics online yet. Are there any other examples of politics being bitten by the social media bug?



Schtock is meant to be the visual blog of someone who works for a large photo library. Here's the about page

About Schtock:
I work at a major stock photo company cataloging images. The majority of the stuff I work with will never see the light of day for no other reason than that most people don't know it's available to them. It's a shame which I'm trying to remedy with this site. As an amateur designer, I occasionally can't help but play around with the images I see floating across my desk on a daily basis. This site contains the results.

Who describes themselves as an "amateur designer"? The about text seems contrived and smells of a marketing cover up. The actual artworks are nice and designy. The type of stuff you see on FFFFound.

The Denver Egotist seems to have deduced that it's Corbis. So is this an official promotion or really just someone doing it for fun. If this was indeed someone just mucking around they spent longer on the HTML setup of the site than the actual designs. A Flickr account or simple blog template would have worked better for someone just mucking about. They also would not have registered the domain via a private register either.

If it is Corbis they are now in the awkward position that if they do admit they are behind it they look stupid for trying to fool us. This is sad as the idea behind the site is solid just the way they tried to sell it to the world is sloppy.

Getty Images also have a blog. 4 in fact. but they all seem to have little readership.

September 20, 2008

$184M in Virtual World Investment

Over $184M was invested in Virtual Worlds in the 1st QTR of 08. Full article here.

Even if you take away the $100M invested in 9you this is a significant amount of cash. Not all these worlds are "Second Life" clones.

Second Life makers Linden Labs also talked about their second coming. Yeah I was surprised to that they are still in business. Here's some stats on usage.

Registered users is above 15 million. The more important number is the simultaneous users. That is now more than 68,000.

No indication if this is steady, dropping or rising.

It's not just virtual worlds making cash. Trism developer Demiforce revealed at a games conference that made $250,000 in 2 months via the App Store. Full article here. It helps they had one of the best games available and launched at the perfect time. But this is amazing for a 1 man development team.

Why do projects for clients when you could potentially release your own software to a spend happy consumer market?

September 19, 2008

ADMA Idols 2008

ADMA Idols went off last night with a packed house and some real talent on display.

Foxtel won the band comp last night (and looked like a real band) while Soap picked up best dressed.
Mark put on a good show too although they had an Idol contenstant as a ring in.

Note: for entries next year. The later you go on the more drunk people are and the louder they cheer.

Here's Soap's Band Bath Scum performing.

Bath Scum Live - Night Train from mwg on Vimeo.

Bath Scum Live - Panama from mwg on Vimeo.

September 18, 2008

Music Almighty

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