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September 8, 2008

KIT KAT, Hans Fagerlund & Chunga


In a first for Nestle, a new Kit Kat product variant is being launched entirely online. JWT and RMG Connect Sydney have created the digital launch for the new Kit Kat Cookies and Cream.

The Australian reports "The company will spend about $1 million, more than 70 per cent of which will go to social media websites such as MySpace, to promote the face of Kit Kat Chunky: a character called Hans Fagerlund. Significantly, Nestle confectionary will not use any traditional media to promote the brand. "

Nestle will spend about $1 million, more than 70 per cent of which will go to social media websites such as MySpace.
Source : The Australian

The JWT/RMG campaign has been created specifically for digital communication and the content has been created to engage, play and share predominantly via social networking media. The digital media mix includes social networking & video sharing sites, instant messaging, search, mobile and interactive video banner ads.

A five-part mockumentary called 'Chunga-struck' can be found on YouTube and other video sharing sites

In comments to The Australian, John Broome, Nestle's confectionery head of marketing said "that five years ago the money would have gone to television, radio and outdoor, but the internet and social media were now better for generating word-of-mouth among teens."

The comprehensive digital campaign features:

  • A 5-part mockumentary titled 'Chunga-struck - The rise and rise of Hans Fagerlund' YouTube & Vimeo in HD
  • A Chunga Championship multiplayer game - available on Facebook and Myspace Clearspring.
  • A custom community
  • Interact with Hans via his Facebook Profile
  • Chunga-struck mockumentary via podcast from the iTunes Podcast Directory for their iPod & iPhone
  • Mobile advertising including Hans own mobile # +61 (0) 416 683 732, a iPhone optimised website as well as a Mobile WAP site provided by HyperFactory
  • The obligatory campaign microsite

  • September 7, 2008

    Take Me To Your Leader Blog

    Take Me To Your Leader is another trend watching in marketing blog to add to your Google Reader.

    There are so many of these types of blogs now I want to see some focus on certain topics.

    September 6, 2008

    Seth McFarlanes's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy


    Maybe because I've been travelling lately I missed the initial buzz around this but you'd think a new Seth MacFarlane series sponsored by Burger King would have generated more interest.

    The full show goes live Sept 10 and I can't wait. Below are two teasers for the series. There is also an official site for the show but with no new content until Sept 10.

    I'm not sure of the BK deal usrups the one preivously announced here about distributing the shows 50x2minute episodes via Googles Adsense network.

    Optus Yes Business Coach


    Branded content based around small business doesn't exactly sound that exciting. Optus have begun a 12 week "reality" type show called the "Yes Coach" that will see 3 businesses get proper coaching and we'll watch them as they progress their business. The 3 chosen finalists all hit different segments, professional, tradies and family business.

    This idea has been promoted quite heavily for the last few weeks with the first episode live and the 2nd to hit Sept 17th.

    While the strategy seems sound, the execution is a little flat. Check the first episode. It's tiny! Like watching video on a postage stamp. I can't comment on the episode or embed it anywhere. The videos aren't even on Youtube. Hopefully by episode 2 they'll regig a few things. Optus branding is kept very low. This is one case where I don't think it would have mattered if it was overally branded. But kudos for not shoving the Optus logo in our face.

    There's blogs and forums as well as business tips but right now it all seems like noones home. The forum is the only place with some community activity. And yes it's a business site so it's blue with a shite loa of text. Is there a rule that business people don't like images and love to read large amounts of text?

    As far as branded TV shows go I much prefered the Football Superstar from Nutrigrain but that's probably due to the subject matter.

    Droga5Sydney's V Australia Ad

    They couldn't afford Merrick and Rosso it seems :) Pretty slick ad.

    Those interested in Droga5Sydney should check out their Youtube channel.

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