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Product Naming Fail

"My Wife would like one of those" hehe

Funnier than this previous AYDS example as no one has ever died of a Wonder Boner.

Video found on my new fav site YesButNoButYes add this to your Google reader now.

Here's another example Rimming Sugar haha I know what everyone is getting for xmas.

Flute Beatboxing

This is something I missed. It's the new Melbourne Shuffle. So if you're quick enough you can whack a logo at the end and score yourself a viral ad.

Note: I think Melbourne Shuffle is still ready to be "adverted" unless someone can send me an video where this has already ben used by a brand.

December 20, 2008

Top 5 Countries on Bannerblog

I have tweaked the Banners by Country chart to display in order.

The top 5 countries, based on numbers of submissions by agencies in those countries are

1: Australia
2: UK
3: US
4: Brazil
5: Sweden

There are still a 197 unknown agency banners which could alter the standings. So if you know who is responsible please let us know.

December 16, 2008

Fire meets Desire


Check it out. For BK by CP+B.

NFS Undercover Game


EA Australia have released a multi-player racing game to promote the latest from the Need for Speed franchise NFS Undercover. The game was created by new Sydney digital agency Future Buro which is headed up by previous Fluoro founders.

Fluoro were responsible for the previous NFS game which was full 3D where as this game is a much scaled down 2D racer. The small dimensions allows it to fit into your iGoogle page. I think this is a better promotion although not as flashy. Why promote a 3D racer with a scaled down 3D racer? It's like trying to sell gourmet pizza by giving away plain pizza.

In recent news EA seem to have put NFS on the back burner for a few years as they realised now releasing a new one each year doens't work.

Future Buro have also started an agency blog. Good luck guys.

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