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December 13, 2008

Agency Xmas Card Call for Entries

I was reminded to do the Agency Xmas card round up again. If you have an xmas card you have completed for a client or your agency please send it our way and we'll do a round up post again in early 09 or very late 08 if we can fit it in.

Here is last years post.

Update: Just noticed my spelling mistake in the title. hehe I have fired our proof reader.

December 9, 2008

Go Miniman Go is Gold!


Wow I haven't heard anything about this campaign but Lego have produced a fantastic resource to celebrate 30 years of Lego. Go Miniman Go. It's been up since August 21 2008 and It's a fantastic case study as to how to utilise your content, create custom content and aggregate content for a blog.

There's 37 pages of content and it's still going. All quality stuff.

There is a nicely produced Lego Timeline which as a fan since a kid is really nostalgic.


So the next time someone asks you for a good example of corporate blogging and you're about to send them some boring dry blog by a bank talking about its products send them this. Hat's off Lego.

here's the video announcing a video comp they ran.

Ok need more proof this is good. They even held a Flickr contest.

30 Years of Music — Gizmodo and Lego Go Miniman Go Contest from Jesus Diaz on Vimeo.

I guess it's easier to blog about Lego than it is a bank but still. This could hardly be better.

My only gripe is I cant comment on any of the posts!?

December 8, 2008

Whopper Virgins

What happens when you let people in remote areas around the world taste a BK Whopper for the first time? Will they prefer it over a Big Mac?

Find out:

From CP+B.

404: Not found

Cute contextual placement within 404 pages - the "I can't find the page your looking for". Sort of. Be ubercool if the placements were a freebee - was it? You'd think it would/should be, a charitable cause and all that?


in context here:

But, of course we're already all over that shit, paul posted this back in august.

Made me think of some of the better 404 pages I've seen whilst clicking away:




And then I found a whole lot of stuff here at smashing mag.

Happy mistakes I call them.

December 4, 2008

Creative Circle awards* *now with Pixels


It's a UK only thing, but we all know how many BannerBloggers there are in that part of the world, so here's something just for you.

Finally, an awards show has had the good sense to include that category that we have all wished for on so many occasions. It's true. In 2009, for one year only, you have the chance to win Creative Circle Gold for Best Loader.

True dinks. There's gotta be some real magic there.

Other categories are:

Best Online Advertising
Best Advertising Microsite
Best Social Networking
Most Innovative Digital Campaign
Best Mobile
Best Viral Marketing
Best Viral Video

More and entires here:

About the Creative Circle:

The aims of the Creative Circle are to encourage and enhance creativity in advertising. The Circle limits it remit to only advertising and associated skills. This association concerns itself only with work originated in the UK. Established in 1945 it is the oldest UK body dedicated to this cause. Member and committee are all practitioners of the creative arts, with the Creative Circle paid for and for the benefit of all people within the creative process. Unlike similar organisation the Circle is not a commercial enterprise that seeks to profit from creative people their agencies or their clients.

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