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December 3, 2008

Guitar Hero

This good stuff keeps popping up - given how popular it already is, and that with the terrestrial battle already in hand, where do you go next?

You go to god.


(via new Creatives)

There was these in there as well: Back in Black & Dream On. Woah.

That is after you get droga on the team to do you a viral:

More please...

...ok then. If you've ben living in a box for the past month there's the "gee I wish I was a seal, it's better than a dolphin" - Heidi Klum in possibly the perfect amount of clothing.


December 1, 2008

A good old analogue dustup


Geez - TV is so bitchy these days.

There was this article in the Australian today about how Ford are scrambling over rights for art direction on a yet to be released here (but live in other markets - UK, SA etc) TVC for it's next model launch over a new Freeview TVC promoting a wider range of free to air channels.

There's foul play afoot, both are claiming to own an approach:

Ford - This is Now
Freview - Coming in 2009

I especially like the comment: "It's not the TV screens, it's more the way they're animated"... and "We may have to reconsider our media position as it relates to free-to-air TV,"

GREAT!! Mr Lillie, pour those millions you'd save into a competent digital campaign. Young girls drive fiesta's right? Young girls are the most active digital group there is - there's some rich fields to plow there sir, and even richer pickings.

The beautiful thing about digital is that there's such a rich and changing landscape to position ideas and executions that unless you are a complete marketing nuff-nuff it's difficult to replicate anything thats been done already - with exceptions of course. The NAB/AFL's longest kick for Auskick based on the Original Joga Bonito chain campaign for example (global by the way, launched well over a year - maybe 2 - earlier). "But they're both video's and TV is regional" you may say - the TV wasn't the core of the campaign, more a lead in and/or outcome; kids were encouraged to submit their "passes" as recorded footage to a site which then placed them into an ever increasing continuous film.

So that example (and others) aside, the sheer number constantly evolving formats, media, methods of interaction, social engagement areas, outlets, combinations, tricks & technology that are available for brands to promote themselves gives us digital creatives a wonderfully exciting palette with which to paint now and forever.

So you never really need worry about someone else beating you to it or wasting valuable time crying about it.

Agency Fair 2008


Agency Fair was recently launched as a way to showcase digital agencies and what it's like to work for them. Almost all the big guns are there with Profero, Holler, Mark, Visual Jazz, Reactive, Soap, Gruden and Naked and others all getting profiled.

It's an initiative from Digital Transfer who is new to the recruitment world in Sydney. This is a different take on the usual way to promote a recruitment agencies services.

Banners per Month

After charting the number of banners we post in August this year I made an effort to increase the frequency of posts.

If you check the chart now you'll see we've had a steady stream of banners in the ast 3 months. Actually raising the average banners per month by 1 to 28!

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