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November 17, 2009

Top 10 Banners for October

Below are the rankings (by unique page views) for the last month on Bannerblog. We've also compared the previous 3 year's banners as a retro look back.

Note : The only problem with this system is that it doesnt count views while on the homepage. Some banners were the 2nd banner after the homepage they got lots of individual views. Homepage views dont count. So it's not a perfect ranking system by any means but it is interesting. This would also explain why some of the more "sub standard" banners made it into the top list.

Top 10: October 2009

  1. Burger King: Dollar Menu Augmented Reality Banner
  2. ICA: Savings Slider
  3. Mini: Options
  4. VW: AU Golf Launch
  5. Auto Trader: Dream Car
  6. LG: Cookie Movement Sensor
  7. Deus: Omnipresent
  8. Johnson & Johnson: Sundown Shades
  9. Scientology: What is the answer?
  10. Ford: Econetic Map

Top 10: October 2008

  1. IAMS: Walk The Dog
  2. Swedish Armed Forces: Do You Have What It Takes?
  3. Leo Burnett: Pencil
  4. BC Hydro: Thermostat
  5. Barclays: Golf Pressure
  6. Ford: Flex
  7. Microsoft: I'm a PC
  8. Hungry Man: Now In Brazil
  9. Skype: Phone Beard
  10. Skype: Poke

Top 10: October 2007

  1. My Stress Awards: Punching Ball
  2. Motorola: Real Music
  3. Virgin Trains: Bee Sunflower
  4. SBAB: Changing Faces
  5. Air NZ: Holidays
  6. Marines: Stroll
  7. Marines: Camouflage
  8. VW: Pedals
  9. Dove: Hair Problems
  10. Boots: 17 Cosmetics

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