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March 15, 2007

Vanity thy name is comments

OK, I understand that positive comments on your agency's banners make you feel good. And the opposite can be said for negative comments, and we get both kinds here at Bannerblog. Some a little harsh, most are to the point and constructive criticism.

What isn't helping anyone is agencies posting positive comments, wait let me rephrase that, over the top positive comments on their own banners. The agencies responsible don't even bother to comment on other banners, just their own.

So here's my tips for how to make your fake comments seem more real.

1: Go down to the local internet cafe and post. Don't do it from your agencies network, the same network you submit the work from
2: Try to spread the comments out a little. 8 in as many hours is suspicious.
3: Tone the language down. You didn't save the world, you made an animated advert. Hazahh!
4: Ask your IT guy to change the name of your server to something less specific. web.agencyname.ext is a smoking gun. Try web.ISP.ext that leave some doubt.

Or for all our sakes
5: Send the link to friends and ask them to comment honestly on the banner.

NOTE: If you are worried about negative comments on a campaign you can request to have them turned off when you submit the ad. I'd rather see an add up there, sans the ability to comment, rather than never see it.

So in conslusion I feel bad to have to make a point about this but it's getting a little silly. The comments were so OTT they are comical. I do support agencies commenting on their own banners to respond to feedback or give more information but always identifying themselves in the process.


I had to share this commercial for an unfortunate appetite suppressant. I wonder if the guys from South Park saw this before they did their AIDS episode?

Get the Glass

Goodby Silverstein & Friends are at it again for the Got Milk Campaign... this time with an involved and visually engaging game about a family of characters trying to "Get the Glass"



It's whupped me several times so far, but I'm going to get that glass yet!

March 14, 2007

Viacom Sues Goo-Tube

Everyone's probably heard by now, but Viacom sued YouTube & Parent Google for $1 Billion US today.
While they are claiming "Massive and Pervasive" copyright enfringement, one has to wonder if it isn't really just about:
  • Making up for lost ad revenue
  • Getting back @ Google for the deal falling through
  • An attempt to make their partnership with Joost seem more legitimate
  • A frustrated lashing out of old line media at a the fact that they no longer control the distribution of content once it is released
  • All of the Above
I'm not sure where I come in at, although I'm pretty skeptical of the whole thing. Even if they do have a leg to stand on under the current US law (which they may or may not,) they are potentially doing more harm than good to their business.
To me this just points again to the complete lack of understanding that big business has of the "new world" created by the Web 2.0 world and consumers use thereof. Those clips are up on YouTube because of dedicated fans... perhaps rather than sue, Viacom should have just quietly asked for an ad revenue cut. So, syndication, but user initiated / driven. Or perhaps they should have cut a deal with Brightcove since their whole model incorporates syndication and user distribution.


Contextual Advertising Guffs



Two mistaken media placements on this article. One for Toyota and another for Hyundai featuring a scary looking baby, who likes surfing and SUV's.

While not as bad as this previous one for Virgin Blue or this one for Virgin Credit cards, it's still quite funny.

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