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March 23, 2007

SXSW Interactive Winners 2007


Check out this years SXSW Interactive Festival winners.

SXSW, the Webbys and TheFWA are the only awards that count outside of the big advertising ones.

March 21, 2007

Jeep's Online Games

Jeep has been busy with 3 big online promotions launching recently.


First we have Goonies: Return to Astoria produced by Fuel Industries. The game looks great, there are 4 levels and a fitting 80's soundtrack.
I guess all the kids that liked the movie will now be old enough to buy a Jeep.

This leaves just Tron, The Breakfast Club, Revenge of the Nerds and Ferris Bueller's Day Off as cult films of the 80's that haven't been turned into a marketing campaign. (Let me know if I'm wrong here).


Next up we have The Way-Beyond Trail for the Jeep Patriot. A choose your own adventure style game. The production is good and the adventure fun and with 45 scenes it's large enough to have reply value.
I also like the data entry at the beginning and that choices there affect the content of the videos.. Look out for some nice little Easter eggs if you linger on some screens for too long.

Lastly we have The Patriot Factor. No, not a game show where they test your level of love for your country but a Jeep and Marvel online comic where the users suggest the story. A nice feature for comic book buffs is being able to see the pencil and ink artwork as well as the final colour rendering.

I'd love to see a case study at the end of the promotions to see what was successful. I preferred the Way Beyond Trail myself even if it was a little cheesy in places, the humor was actually funny in places which is rare for this type of content.

Jeep have certainly gone all out and while not as focused as say Mini's online endeavors, they are definetly picking their game up. (No pun intended)

March 20, 2007

Dubai Lynx Awards


For some reason I'm on the Dubai Lynx Awards mailing list. Which is for Middle East and North African agencies.

It's hard to check out the interactive winners when they only provide a .jpg

Sadly I wasn't on the jury list as I could have used a round of golf in Dubai :)

Cars Guide: Day Rider


CarsGuide.com.au has produced a cartoon spoofing Knight Rider which is being promoted on Youtube.


It's being promoted on the homepage promo spot which I'm guessing has been localised for my Australian IP? What do people think of the homepage video placement? Do people actually watch the videos there?

The actual URL for the campaign which has a competition to win a Transam isn't linked on the Youtube channel or the video's page and the which seems like an oversight.

March 18, 2007

TEN.COM.AU Launches


After so many press releases/articles annoucing the impending launch of Ten's new site I never saw one saying it had actually gone live.

See it in all its glory here at Ten.com.au

It's early days for Ten as they put their tippy toes into creating a destination off the back of their channel so it will be interesting to see how it fares. It's very advertising light right now which makes it feel nice and clean.

Also a friend mentioned that the new site resembles USA Networks.

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