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Nokia: Great Pockets


Not one but two campaigns from Nokia and FarFar this month.

This one, promotion the Nokia N95, titled Great Pockets showcases Henry Needle & Sons - Bespoke tailored plus sized pocket fashion for the mobile multimedia gadget lifestyle. Again great use of video (I love the transitions after clicking no thanks) and great talent. All wrapped up into an original and funny concept.

We also have a Myspace page, a Flickr account and youtube videos. Although I'm unsure as to what purpose the Myspace page serves as there isn't really anything on it. Could be SEO?

What makes this site work is the integration of the product and the call to action to win. You win a Nokia N95 and your friend receives a pair of great pockets.

March 11, 2007

Banner Mobile


How better to show your love of the medium than to get a personalised licence plate. Banners can't be doing that good for this person if they are driving a Toyota Seca.

March 10, 2007

Taschen's: Advertising Now: Online

While there is a plethora of books on every form of advertising there is little concentrating on online. I have ordered the book above in the hope of seeing a few goodies I can post up here. Luckily the book comes with a DVD which might help save me time aswell.

Nokia: The Internet Walk


I really like this site for the new Nokia N800 called The Internet Walk. The execution is flawless and it works well to sell the features of the handset. It has one strong idea and works it well. No need to complicate it too much just explore the idea to its fullest.

Farfar did the site and have done lots of nice work in the past.

Oh and I love the loud voice at the start "LOADING THE INTERNET"
It'd be great if this kind of narration occured all the time.

Oh and there was also a "viral video" to go with the campaign. (i prefer my viral with people getting kicked in the nuts.)

March 8, 2007

Bannerblog Newsletter Issue: 4

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Dear ,

welcome to another issue of the Bannerblog newsletter. We realise the sporadic nature of these emails is leaves something to be desired but we ensure you a system is in place now to ensure regular updates.

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Award Season
We are looking forward to the award season with Cannes and One Show prejudging beginning soon. If you are on the judging panel or have access to a list of entries we would love to be privy to it. Don't worry we won't tell anyone ;)

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Not many banners provide this much depth and humour.

Agency.com [UK]

This shows that even pots and pans can be interesting

Glue [UK]

Test your strength against the new Diesel Mini

Tequila [US]

Nissan show of their seating configurations in the Quest.

Kelliher Samets Volk [US]

It's not Line Rider but it's still fun.


We can't decide which rocks more. The VW or this banner.

Soap Creative[AU]
Roll-Ups (Uncle Tobys)

Sure Ashley's agency made the site and he also edited this issue of the email but that aside the new Frubalia site for Uncle Toby's Roll-Ups is pretty special.

Let's just hope the kids brush their teeth.


We have a few feature articles in the Bannerblog news you might be interested in. And yes we actually spend the time to put these together rather than just regurgitate press releases.

Agency Xmas cards
The pick of the Agency Xmas cards for 2006
Bud, Vice and Time Warner get in on the online TV craze.
Crowded Ads
A collection of some of the best ads that also happen to feature crowds of people.

All three articles could use your support. If we have omitted any good examples, please send us.


Audi: Pure Power
Dunlop: Biscuit Dunk
Renault: Airbag
Vingflex: Countries
Royal Navy: Shoot
Skoda: Happy
Fiat: Edge
IAB Creative Showcase (AUS)
Entries are open for the second round of the Creative Showcase.

More Info
The jobs board alive and kicking. Here's a sample of the jobs on offer.

Art Director
Moxie Interactive Atlanta - USA

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Agency.com Chicago- USA
Senior Flash Developer
Avenue A / Razorfish - USA

Interactive Production Artist
Deep Focus New York- USA

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