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Buzzwords 07

With the explosion of Myspace and SecondLife BS filling up your inbox last year, we're interested as to what the next big thing will be in 2007.

We're currently road testing the three new "tools" shown above and will have a short report in the next few weeks.

April 11, 2007

Webby Awards Finalist


We're chuffed to be nominated for a Webby Award in Blog - Business We'd love to get your vote in the People's Voice awards.

We'll be posting the best banners from the Webbys over the next 2 weeks aswell. There's quite a few goodies that we haven't seen before, so it's a win for everyone.

April 10, 2007

Joost: First Impressions


I finally had time over the Easter Long weekend to sit down and check out Joost.

Now rather than go into the pros and cons of this new tech I'll show you how to experience Joost without having to download the program.

Take $20, go to your nearest Blockbuster (or independent video retailer) and ask them where the 20c weekly movies are. Then with your $20 spend all you have on the cheapest movies you can find. Don't worry about genres or titles just pick a few from everywhere. Take them home and pile them up with the spines visible.

Now sit back and tell yourself it's the future of TV.

Ok seriously though, now to actually be a little constructive with my feedback:

Joost is currently in Beta so it's still a little rough but with the content available right now it's probably a few good months away.

Adverts: The adverts have no intelligence to them and interrupt the shows at odd times. I was told they would be geo targeted but I saw 5 T-Mobile ads and I have no idea how to get a T-Mobile. Following that I had a heaps of Garnier ads on the GameStar TV channel? If they can Geo Target it and they have no relevant advertisers then don't show me anything.

Lack of Features:
There didn't seem to be a "favs" or "to watch" list. Unlike TV, I expected to plan a play list of shows I wanted to watch then site back. But I found myself constantly getting bored then flicking through the channel listings. I spend longer looking for good content than actually sitting back watching it.

Then there are feature which seem useless like Chat. Don't just add features in because you can, concentrate on what it's meant to be good at then expand from there. I'd prefer to read peoples reviews or comments on a piece of video like on Youtube. You watch and then read the comments. Some of the time you find out interesting tid bits about the video, a lot of the time its just banter but it still adds to the experience.

Show Info:
Most of the content is supplied with very little data. This may be due to it being so old, but having a gaming channel with no date as to when this show aired is useless. I don't want to hear about a crap game released in 2005. And what if I want more info on a movie above the supplied sentence?

All in all to me it feels really sloppy. It feels clunky and it's boring.

Oh, and for those that feel they are missing out here's the quality of TV on the Sci Fi Channel. The almost complete series of Total Recall 2070. it wasn't good in 1999 and it certainly isn't any good now.

Has anyone had a different experience with Joost? Maybe I'm jaded or expected more or at least enough to keep me interested for longer than it took to type this.

April 6, 2007

Art of the Product

Hosting a art/design competition isn't just for brands like Red Bull and and Pepsi. Now even brands like Tupperware are getting in on the act.

Art of Can
The Red Bull Can entries are for me the most exciting and varied. It's quote amazing to see what can be done with one base element and some imagination.

Translations in Tupperware
With the variety of products that Tupperware offer it should be easier to create something special. Entries close August 31st so there's plenty of time to get creative. Click here to view last years winners

I still remember my mum hosting Tupperware parties in the 80's. Do people still do that now or is it all Mary Kay these days?


Designer Glass
Bombay Sapphire has been running it's Design Glass competition annually and while it doesn't use the actual product itself the entries are created for the act of drinking it so I think this counts. The entries must also be functional glasses used for drinking which adds an extra element of difficulty above the previous two comps as they just need to look "cool".


Design Our Pepsi Can
Pepsi have gone design crazy with 35 different can designs and a comp calling for people to design their can aptly titles Design our Pepsi Can. They even created a site for the designs called Pepsi gallery. Don't hold your breath for a travelling exhibition for any of the designs. The winning can will receive $10,000 and have their design displayed on 500 million Pepsi cans.


These types of comps, when done right, can be a great way for people to engage with your brand.

Are there any other "art of the product" competitions I've missed?

Digital Puppies


I think of blogs these days as Digital Puppies. Everyone loves a digital puppy but after a few months of having one you realise they are a lot of work to look after. Once the sparkle has worn off many are put to sleep, others are just mistreated and eventually die a lonely death.

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