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New Aussie Digital Blog


AdNews in Australia has launched a new digital advertising focused blog called Digital Watch, touted as "designed to get your digital dollar working harder".

It's interesting the blog resides on the GPY&R URL and seems anonymous as to who actually is posting the articles. How can I judge the merit of a negative post about a project which for all I know could have been written by the receptionist.

Also by branding the blog so heavily with GPY&R they may alienate many other agencies/competitors. I made a conscious decision not to make Bannerblog a Soap Creative product. It was important for the blog to be unbiased and seen to promote online advertising and not my agency.

But my little rant aside it s a good step for the Australian press to cover more digital work which has been lacking in the past. We'll see how this blog pans out.

April 4, 2007

666 Banners


We quickly posted another banner to put us up to 667 banners as it's bad luck for blogs to sit on 666 posts for too long.

Specialized's xmas card


I never added this one to the archive, and was reminded of it recently. Very nice post production / foley job, distributed online.

Click here to view the ecard.

April 3, 2007

Doubleyou's Xmas Video card

I missed this submission (my email's a mess) for the Agency Xmas card article but I thougth it was too good not to post here.

April 2, 2007

Doritos: Fight for the Flavor


Here's an interesting promotion for Doritos chips called Fight for the Flavour. Similar to the BK Chicken Fight this pits two new flavors against each other in a multiplayer fighting game. They also want you to vote on which flavor you like with the winning flavor staying on as a regular.

The art direction and flash work is great and the game is quite good. Worth checking out.

Below is the stop motion TVC which is quite fun too. Oh and those who can't get enough brands as their friends on Myspace you can check out the Myspace profile here.

Full TVC credits can be found here.

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