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September 30, 2008

Maths is Hard

If you're a dum-dum. Luckily this interweb thing makes maths easy. Like a calculator might.


I've just got back from reviewing work entered into the BIMA's and, in my view, this was one of the standout pieces. It's a home insurance calculator built for Legal & General, a nice way to remind yourself just how far you might (or might not ) have come in this life.

I know there's nothing new in this, but there's a lot of clients asking for these types of things - for carbon offsets for example, and this is the best one I've seen for a long time, that and it's a little more relevant to me in the short term - I got greenwash at the moment and I'm really, really confused.

It's also a world better than something like this..

Some Carbon offset calculators for comparison:
One from Moses
Direct Gov (UK)
A Phillips entry to the fray

September 28, 2008

Make some noise!

We'll see this as a Diesel video in a few years.


Hey Nike. Great video but why embed this at such a jumbo size? And Autoplay too! Haven't Youtube taken the guess work out of this kind of stuff?

September 26, 2008

The One Function Website

Umbrella Today is another simple site from Thoughtbot that tells you if you need an umbrella today. You type in your postcode and it tells you if you need an umbrella. You can then schedule to have this news sent to your mobile.


Funny it already has a carbon copy (sans mobile functionality) which has a higher search ranking.


These sites are part of a wave of simple one function sites that have been popping up. Such as : Tell you if a site is down for just you or everyone. : I won't spoil the punch line for this one. : Computer says yes I'm not sure this one will catch the world on fire The Barbarian Groups contribution to the fun.

I can see more sites like this in the future such as "", "whatcolorshirtshouldiwear", ""

Does anyone know of any more simple one function sites?

And I'm a PC

This very simple site lets you get creative. Here's a couple I enjoyed. Sadly you can't direct link.




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