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August 10, 2006

Why do Myspace Ads Suck?

I have no idea if these ads are a global buy or are only being served for my IP but I have only 2 real brands advertising on Those being Dell and Virgin Blue) Aside from the plethora of "brand" profiles there doesn't seem to be any real campaigns running/

Below is one of the of the quality ads I've been served while exploring the wonder that is

Revenue aside isn't it in the best interest of Myspace sales people to show how advertisers have jumped onto the Myspace revolution? Or is this the only ad money they can attract. Scam ads to win iPods and Spyware.

I clicked this to be enlightend and it told me to install "Starware" to get the latest gossip. Excellent sounds harmless to me :)


This is my fav though. I clicked and unfortunately no horny gamer girls looking for fun to be seen :( My search continues for chicks that like to frag.

Maybe Myspace set a cookie that flagged me as gullible but after the Horny Gamer girls, between a new ad for a HP printer I'm shown this beauty.


It's like when you're watching late night TV and there's ads for rug sales, ringtones and sex chat lines.

This article on the the $900 million dollar Google deal explains a little why advertisers are reluctant to use display advertising on Myspace.

August 8, 2006

Is Youtube Doomed?

Here's two very negative articles on how YouTube could be doomed.

Bandwidth aside the site has the lion’s share of video on the web and I doubt it will just suddenly go bust. Maybe this Valleywag has interests in one of the competitors or just likes to punch people when they are on top of the world.

August 5, 2006

Video Mashups


Jaws, Lost, The 10 Commandments and even Wallce and Gromit top the list of most popular recent video mash-ups currently doing the rounds.

Gone are the days when simply Photoshopping Hoff's head into movie posters was as deemed worthy enough to send on. With sites such as YouTube offering seemingly endless free video hosting, tagging, rating and networking tools it's no wonder that iconic TV shows and classic movies are fare game to be mashed!

Let's not forget Brokeback to the Future and Shining which started this trend.

Business Week have an interesting article about how advertisers are now having to pay big dollars to produce and seed their "viral" videos. If a client spend $250,000 on a "viral" video you'd expect it to go gangbusters!

August 1, 2006

Pop Up Advertising is a crime in AU!

Pop-up advertising is annoying, but is it a crime?

In one of the strangest things i've read in a while, the AHTCC (Australian High Tech Crime Centre) a Federal Government agency, has classified pop-up advertising as a form of online crime according to its website.

Check out 'Types of online crime and who can help'

So next time your media agency submits a media plan that includes pop-up advertising, perhaps you should point out that its possibly a crime in Australia...

We can only hope that they start locking up some of the media planners out there ;)

Blatant misuse of the word 'viral' should also be a crime, so I'm going to start lobbying.

July 20, 2006

Myspace updates to Flash Player 9

Anyone logging into their myspace profile (and who doesn't 3 times a day) now will be promopted to update to Flash Player 9. Myspace have revamped their music and video players. I don't know if they have used any AS3 features

This is great news for an industry struggling to convince users to use Flash 8. If the myspace minimum is Flash 9, then certainly we can accept Flash 8 as an industry standard.

This is the first time I've been excited by something Myspace has done. Hugs all round.

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