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December 30, 2009

2010 Predictions for Digital

What will 2010 hold for digital? Being Australia based our predictions will be a little skewed towards our market but many will ruing true for everyone globally.

If you have a similar presentation or blog post post a comment. Bannerblog will round up the best and post in early Jan. For now here is Soap Creative's 2010 Predictions.

Stay tuned for our 2025 predictions for digital in January :)

December 9, 2009

Destroy the Web


Destroy the Web is an interesting Firefox Plugin that was entered in the Firefox Add-on Comp and won best entertainment.

You install the add-on to Firefox, visit a website, hit the button and start clicking like mad to destory all the elements on the page. You can then challenge others to beat your score and scores are logged per site.

It's rough around the edges (big edges) but still an interesting idea and reminded me of the Killzone 2 Webgame. Can you get the top score on Bannerblog?


While testing this I did discover that each add-on for Firefox has a detailed statistics page (well the ones that haven't been hidden do). here are the stats for Destroy the Web.

It then made me wonder what the is the #1 Add-on for Firefox.....


And it's Adblock Plus. A banner ad blocker :) 10,000,000 active daily users! with 64,000,000 downloads. Ouch!


Love the accent. Note: Bannerblog loads so much quicker with this plugin installed.

The next most popular are:
Video DownloadHelper: which helps you download videos from Youtube (handy)
NoScript: for the security conscious
FlashGot: Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click (handy)

I was waiting for a Twilight Add-on to appear but no luck.

So people are blocking ads, grabbing content and being super security conscious. Sounds like the web to me.

August 1, 2009

Stop Motion People: Meme watch

After seeing this post on Mumbrella I thought I'd collect all the people on the ground videos that I've seen lately.

The problem with advertising is once you see a good idea worth "adapting" it takes 6 months or more to sell it in. So by that time someone else might have already adapted the idea. To the general public who isn't on YouTube every day the "adapted" ad will feel fresh and original. Even better when you wrap it around a boring brand.

Here they are in the order I saw them

Nike SB: Chalk

The making off

Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie

Chasing Pavements: Adele (embedded disabled grrr)

Sorry I'm Late Short Film

Strawberry Swing: Coldplay

Target ad by The Campaign Palace

We also had a few trampoline ads which aren't exactly the same but the whole ad wants to me Michel Gondry

zZz is playing: Grip

Fiat: Grande Punto Note: this ad was commissioned by the agency with the original directors. Hence the same song.

PS. Grande Punto rounds rude to my ears.

Then you have the side tangent of chalk stop motion. No people on the ground with false perspective

Stop Motion Chalk fight

Snickers China

So now that ads with crowds has definitely run it's course (I don't even want to get started on flash mob) I guess stop motion is back in vogue.

Here's my play list of 30+ ads all featuring crowds of people. I can't help but like the majority of them too.

My tip is to keep an eye out on Vimeo and the other smaller video portals where lost of quality creative stuff gets uploaded and falls under the radar. Oh and if possible get the original producers to make your ad. That way you're giving back to the creative community.

Check out for more examples of this happening

June 8, 2009

Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet

Great quick 5 min talk that 's very poignant with todays instant world and funny footage of kids trying to not eat a marshmallow.

April 26, 2009

Top 12 Media Buys Creatives Will Love

One element of online advertising we at Bannerblog have neglected covering for a while is the "creative media" side. Below are many examples of where the media placement is just as important as the creative itself. In some case it's more important.

The next time you are planning an online campaign make sure some real thought has gone into the media side. No more ROS and no more template media buys based on what ever gets you the best deal.

These examples go beyond contextual advertising and are the few times media agencies can hang their heads high in creative circles.

If you have an example of where media and creative have made sweet advertising love please submit them to us. We'll either update this post or do a follow up.
Nintendo: Wario Youtube Experience: View

The fact that this was on a Youtube URL and not a different site was the main reason for the effectiveness. You couldn't have been more surprised. A top notch execution together with an interesting game is a recipe for success.
Sol Comments: View

A personal favorite and Cannes Grand Prix winner this campaign showed that a banner ad doesn't have to be static content. It's easy to pass over until you realize the true genius of this campaign and how it could only be done with online media. The media placement was an important part of the campaign as a team kept an eye over the site and updated the banners live to reflect the content on the page.
Axion: Banner Concerts: view 1, View 2, View Article

A campaign that uses the media space - a banner - to promote unsigned bands with a live / streamed performance. A fantastic idea that uses the media space as flexible promotional tool.
Nike: Nike+ Trash Talk: view

Ads served across a popular men's site and a popular women's site were each used to Trash Talk to the other sex. It's a virtual battle of the sexes.
Apple: Mac & Pc: View

This ran on a popular PC web site and is just one in a huge series where Mac & PC battle it out in contextually aware banners.
Apple: iPhone: MTV, ESPN, Nylon, Yahoo!

Maybe not as innovative as the other examples here but pure sexy and was a very talked about campaign. Going the extra mile on the media buy and not purchasing standard media is what made this campaign. The sites would have enjoyed both being paid to be seen as innovative and the increase traffic from people passing the sites around to check it out.
Nissin: Hot Noodle: view (NSFW)

A hot video that helps cook the noodles on the same page. This video was set up like the Wario example as a special page but in the future we should be able to talk directly to any video served on a portal like this.
Nintendo: Rhythm Heaven: view1, view 2

It might not be as well executed as the Wario Experience but the purchase of two synced banners on popular Youtube music clips that seem to react to the videos is some interesting thinking.
Playstation: Xbox Launch: view

Back in 2002 when the first XBOX launched in Australia Sony was ready and had an online campaign that played on the rivalry of the two consoles and showed Playstation's iconic symbols being spray painted on what looked to be XBOX banners on any page that mentioned the Xbox launch, which at the time was a big news story. Cheeky and well planned.
Mini: White Rabbit: view

As the ad states "this is not the way to the Mini site" and it's not. It's a journey through the weird and wonderful web. Media bought across popular and obscure sites took you on a journey as you chase the the White mini (rabbit) down the hole.

This won Gold at Cannes 2007 and as it's 2 years old the ads are no longer active.
SIXT: ASCII Ads: view

By using ASCII ads in Google Adwords SIXT was able to stand out from the crowd. They also brought forward a ban on this practice too.
Lipton: Weather

I'm tracking down examples of this but in an effort to position Ice Tea as a refreshing beverage alternative Lipton Australia bought media on popular news portals on the provision that the ad would only be displayed only if the weather was over 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit). The same idea was used on radio.
Special K: Sunbathe: view

Another weather related banner that appeared only when it was sunny in Sydney.

Honda Insight: Let It Shine: view

This time Vimeo get in on the action with a complete custom media buy with an integrated ad for Honda. Love the sun rise part. Again like the Wario example this shows how working with publishers and planning early can really enhance an online execution.

Nintendo: ExciteBots: view

Nintendo again! And this time they have done a deal with Viacom and bought a race track around three major kids portals. Nick, Neopets and Addicting games. This wins the award for biggest and most ambitious attempt.

Check it out live with the link abive while we get an archive link from Struck who created it.

It's also worth checking out the Media Gaffes section which has examples of where contextual advertising goes wrong.

What these examples show is that when the media agency put as much effort into being creative as the agency you end up with something greater than the sum of the parts. If you are a client who is sick of getting the same media schedules send this article over and ask them.

Updated 29 April: Added Honda and Excitebots to the list.

If you have any other good examples of online media please submit them to us at submit [at]
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