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November 2, 2008

Election 2008 Viral Stuff

We've been sent so much stff for the Election this year we thought we'd just dump it all here. Thanks Russ for all the links.

You could not have asked for a better election year with two easy to carictature candidates and their running mates. Well I can;t even remember the guy who is behind Obama but Palin has really bee good value for money.

This is an appendix to the preview posts about the Election here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

I had no idea we ppsted so much stuff!?!

Here's the stuff we missed that's worth a look at

Wassup 2008! Terry Tate got rolled out so why not this one. Smart media.

Talking Points

CNNBC's report.

Gap's Vote For


Why doesn't the US just make voting compulsory like in Australia?? Certainly would save a lot of money just encouraging people to vote.

Good's If I were President

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Ralph Wiggem for President


Obama/McCain Dance Off

Yes We Can Song

Obama Girl vs McCain Girl Olympics

I'm F*cking Obama

Palin As President


Not to mention the many flash games

Commander n Chief
Campaign 2008

I look forward to not hearing about the election in the coming months.

I can't seem to find the link for the WOW users voting and Superheroes voting articles. If anyone has them please add them in the comments.

October 26, 2008

Status Anxiety

I found this documentary from 2004 called Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton on a CD while sorting the crud on my desk. I found it fascinating and and thought provoking at the same time. Also sad in a way. I can't help but think of the iPhone when I watch this.

Watch it all on Youtube here.

There might be better quality versions flying around your office or pick it up on DVD for cheap. This is just part of the 2hr doco.


You can also buy the book on Amazon but why read when it can be spoken to you by the author himself.

October 25, 2008

Ciroc Obama

Work it Diddy. You are earning your Ciroc cash and pushing your political views in one easy swoop. His 58,000 subscribers will enjoy.

Diddy forgot to register the domain though. Not web savvy enough Mr D.

October 18, 2008

Death of....

People are still talking about the death of something. The 30 second spot, newspapers, magazines. But shit even comics are still going strong and how much competition do they face in today's digital world?

Here's a couple of big comic things happening.

The recent spate of GREAT comic book movie adaptations has probably lead to more investment in new IP being developed. And the recent success of Marvel's Civil War showed that comics can do big cross over blockbusters and excite everyone.

Oh and hats off to Marvel for Marvel Zombies! Who doesn't like zombies?! All DC can muster is a Mortal Kombat tie in. Yawn

October 12, 2008

Subprime, CDO, Recession = Who Cares

There's never been a better way to find out what people are thinking about than Google Trends. It's like a global vox pop at your finger tips.

Check the rising searches for recession, subprime and CDO. All related to the financial mess we are in. Dire straights? Looks like Singapore is screwed too judging by the number of searches.


But then compare this to searches for costumes...... um look like it's business as usual for most people. "We might lose the house but fuck it.. we're not going to let that ruin Halloween!"


Technorati also allows you to easily chart posts on certain keywords too. Recession and subprime posts have all increased.



All this search traffic and confusion about financial elements that make no sense creates a real opportunity for people who know WTF is going on to step in an explain it in layman's terms.

A forward thinking financial institution can use this time to try and explain it to consumers rather than push their standard messaging. And in doing so create some trust and worth behind their brand besides having the lowest interest rate. There might already be examples of this I've missed?

There's already been a few PPT files flying about explaining some aspects in a humorous way. Like the Subprime Primer which you can read in full on Google Docs


Or if you need this explained by the Aussie comedy duo (usually seen at the end of 60 minutes here in Aus) watch here.


Or if you want to be even more confused about the future economic situation (hint: it's not good) check this presentation from Sequoia Capital (the guys who backed Google). Thanks Valleywag for the tip.

And lastly this type of situation is best explained through video like the one below. This was found on an NPO's channel.

Xplane, a company which specialises in this type of communication (and one of my fav companies around) has their Xplanation video online too. They sent this around to their mailing list. Although I found the champagne video easier to follow as to why it all went tits up.

Watching all these presentations has cleared up a lot for me. I'm still confused why the USD is going so strong lately but I'll wait for a video to explain it to me easily than read pages of boring jargon.

How does this financial situation affect the digital market worldwide and especially here in Australia? I'm hoping it means more money goes into online and less in traditional (seems obvious).

It also means the listed digital agencies will have a hard time raising more capital. BlueFreeway's recent "3 for 1 renounceable rights issue" will be a hard sell when everyone is trying to keep hold of their cash. And even harder sell when you look at the stocks recent performance. For those interested you can read the prospectus here.

Note: Bannerblog are not financial advisors nor do we have any idea how the financial system works. See a registered financial advisor for proper advice before throwing your money away.

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