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December 19, 2009

Love Jingles


In the tradition of I wear Your Shirt comes Love Jingles.

But instead of having somewhere wear your shirt for a day you get a jingle created specifically for you. And that could last forever :)

I've ordered Bannerblog's for Feb 27.

I can't wait for Feb 22: EdgeWater Insurance & Asset Management or Feb 23: Center for Biomembrane Research


Here's an example for Apple.

Keep an eye out for my own sites, and which are all pretty self explanatory.

December 1, 2009

The Phone Box Experiment

From the team at The Viral Factory for Skype. Reminds me of Non Stop Fernando.

October 1, 2009

Social Media Guru


Here's also Graphic Designer vs Client

August 27, 2009

Obama Girl promotes Final Destination

Don't just advertise on Youtube own the episode! Reminds of when Southern Comfort put their entire budget into online. You can't get this level of integration on TV.

August 1, 2009

Naked Girls Get Interrupted for GH5

I've been waiting for a reason to post this clip and the time has come. It also related to the previous post about ads taking inspiration from music clips and viral videos.

This clip for French band Make The Girl Dance below

Has been adapted as a viral for Guitar Hero 5.

Well according to Adrants. Music Steve's Facebook profile seems like a set-up.

I guess we wait for this to pan out as we get closer to GH5's September release. CP+B is the agency responsible for the Guitar Hero franchise. However Droga5 did the previous viral campaign Bike Hero for Guitar Hero 4. So right now unsure who is responsible. The use of the stero on the shoulder has me wondering if even the same directors were used.

Update: I have confirmation, from my sources, that this is officially for Guitar Hero 5.

Update 2: Bill O'Reilly also discussed this "ad" as did the LA Times.

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