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January 25, 2009

Wookie in my cuboard. A Lesson in Seeding

To bad this is not a viral for Ikea.

This video is a year old but it took a Digg post to propel it to one of the top videos.

It doesn't matter if you have a fantastic video (or a stupid one with a Star Wars sound effect) without the proper seeding or promotion it will go ignored.

Droga5 know this and that's why their Guitar Hero bike video shot up so fast. They knew the right people to seed the video to.

Next time you're about to launch a viral video, game or basically anything that doesn't already have a large media budget make sure you have a proper distribution list outside of the traditional media. And if you already have one make sure you thank those who help seed your work. They should all be on your Xmas present list for 2009.

January 22, 2009

A Kitchen wiki


Every couple of weeks, Trish from Kraft AU publishes a little email newsletter with a 5 recipes and some nice big pictures out to Australia and beyond. In it's current guise, it's faithfully published each fortnight with the help of the digital team at Wunderman in Melbourne. (Trish is a "food scientist", and scientists are really smart, usually, so it's good - well written, super tasty dish combinations, full course stuff)

So thats one thing, good food options each fortnight, yumo.

So when Trish was looking to spread the good word about her Kraft Kitchens email, the thinking was "Why not give everyone else the opportunity to add their own little finishing touch to some of her super recipes?" - Like a recipe wiki, where (not unlike the earths best encyclopedia) members can suggest new or alternate ingredients, methods, hints & or tips to a chosen recipe, or just agree/disagree with someone else's well considered alteration.

oh and if you add to the list of suggestions/changes/amends, you go into the running for dinner prize worth a $1000 (thats 3 zero's) for you and your "team" of foodie friends.

Great for Vegans and Vegetarians, lactose intolerants, celiac's, Nut allergic's and Buddhists +++ looking to for ideas that don't use whatever it is in the recipe that may offend them, like prawns or garlic...

Anyhow it's pretty good, it's at and really interesting to see all the options you perhaps might never have thought on your own, the wisdom of crowds indeed.

ps. If you're into food, then you should sign up for the newsletter, but if you have an opinion, and tell Trish, you'd be signed up anyhow.

January 19, 2009

Youtube Street Fighter kicks ass

This Youtube Street Fighter video falls into the many categories below, all of which helped it become "viral".

1: Looks like it took a lot of time to put together
2: Done for fun and not by a brand
3: Taps into a popular culture (gaming)
4: Taps into a popular sub culture (stop motion animated toys)
5: It's the first time it's been done (original)
6: Well produced but not over done

Take a number of these away and you have is a "fail" video.

January 18, 2009

'Man in the jacket' hoax viral?

****Update 20/1****
The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed the video is a hoax and is indeed a viral campaign produced by the Photon owned agency, Naked Communications. The SMH article does not reveal the brand, however the original story on quotes publicist Laura Konrads, who in a Google search is the PR Marketing Manager for Witchery Fashion.

Are you my man in the jacket? : Sydney shop assistant 'Heidi' claims her video is legitimate and she's not an actor for a viral campaign. If she wasn't so hot, we might believe her.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting on a Sydney's woman's YouTube plea to find the man of her dreams who apparently left his jacket behind at a cafe after chatting her up. Heidi Clarke, a 24 y.o (Note : her YouTube profile says she's 25, but models do lie about their age) shop assistant has produced a video and setup a website with the help of her graphic designer friend so she can find her man.

Unsurprisingly no-one is too convinced by the legitimacy of the story, least of all Daily Telegraph who suggest it's possibly a viral connected to the fashion label Witchery We agree and add the timing is perfect for a valentines day campaign.

Ms Clarke doesn't appear to have a Facebook profile, which is unusual for someone who's prepared to pimp themselves out in cyberspace. There is however a Heidi Clark with no friends...

Watch the video below and then read on for some analysis :

Heidi has a number of photo's on her webpage that look a little too good to be amateur. The EXIF data has been removed from the JPEGs so nothing telling there. However she is hot and we appreciate her getting her gear off for the sake of publicity.

Heidi's website looks like art director's attempt at being amateur. The 'graphic designer' friend might have been more convincing if they were a 'photographer' friend as they are obviously more handy doing modeling shots than web design.

The YouTube video is very well shot, well beyond the usual YouTube standard and the bedroom looks like it's been cleaned by the team at CSI:Miami. The video is also curiously available as a download on the website (why not just embed the YouTube clip Heidi?) which is HD and exported from Final Cut with the filename 1 - b - YOUTUBE(2).mov with the resolution of 1024x768. That's a big web video.

Heidi or H3idi8 also has a rather active YouTube presence. Since she first signed up on December 23, 2008 she's watched quite a few fashion related videos. She also uploaded a short 8 second mobile video titled on my way to Christmas lunch to Youtube.

We don't know what type of shop assistant Heidi is in Elizabeth Bay, but she definitely has a keen interest in high end fashion if her video viewing behavior is anything to go by. This adds legitimacy to the Daily Telegraph claims.

Get the feeling this is a clumsy attempt at a viral? You're not alone

Know more? Is Heidi a model or shop assistant for Witchery? Drop us an email, or comment below.

January 15, 2009

Importance of Awards in advertising

I read here that this is for AWARD in Australia? Took way to long to get to the naked old dudes for my liking.

The director Jim Hosking seems to want to challenge Tom Tuntz for weirdest reel Tom still wins though.

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