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March 22, 2009

Super News: The Trouble With Twitter

This is very poignant. And no I rarely use that word as I can neither spell or say it with confidence :)

I also like this one too from Super News. Great writing

March 19, 2009

Creative people > Ad agencies

The tune might not be as catchy as the Canbury Eyebrows but I much prefer the real deal over a computer generated eyebrow dance. And I guess this is where agencies (myself included) always seem to "over cook" stuff. Sometimes ideas are best served raw.

Oh and here's one from over 2 years ago by The Viral Factory

February 24, 2009

Interactive Hot Tub Girl Video

First we had Youtube Street Fighter and now this. Vimeo might have better quality videos but they don't have the annotations.

With Youtube now paying partners for ads on these type of videos there is a viable revenue stream for content producers out there. Add to that the opportunity for being picked up by another publisher or becoming Cyber famous and it's not wonder we're seeing so much interesting content being produced these days.

You can hire the creators of this video Secret Sauce TV here. Just think if Sam Raimi had Youtube back when they were scrounging dollars for Evil Dead.

February 16, 2009

Christian Bale vs Family Guy

In my why Marvel is kicking DC's digital ass I spoke about being relevant. Well Family Guy have beaten South Park to the punch with the Christian Bale thing. This is my fav so far.

If only the stars of the movies I'm working on the digital campaign would go on Letterman and be a nut or go off like this.

I would still not be surprised if this was all an elaborate hoax for the new Terminator film. No one wants to do another Dark Knight ARG campaign so why not turn the main actor into a Meme. Perfect!

February 1, 2009

Oscars 2009 Photo Hunt

To get to the end of the 30 puzzles is a real effort. I got bored after 10 but I love this idea. Quite fun but the pay off for when the Oscars are on is on the last video? I wish TV was like this.

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