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September 20, 2009

Top 10 Banners for June, July, August


Below are the rankings (by page views) for the last 3 months on Bannerblog. I've also included a combined total as a few snuck in. This is not a precise ranking as the page views will be affected by how long the banner stayed on the homepage as it doesn't track as a view for that banner. But needless to say it still shows the popularity. The Pringles banner was by far the most popular taking top stop for 2 months running.

Top 10: June 2009

  1. Burger King: Sharpie
  2. bmw_z4_create
  3. burger_king_stacker
  4. kelloggs_allbran
  5. sprint_youtube_clock
  6. 35_awesome_augmented_reality_examples
  7. cannes_48hr_brief_sad_polar_bear
  8. vw_twitter
  9. prius_msn_sunroof
  10. cannes_48hr_brief_big_petition

Top 10: July 2009

  1. pringles
  2. 35_awesome_augmented_reality_examples
  3. coke_zero_to_hero
  4. samsung_led
  5. mcdonalds_flick_a_pickle
  6. oakley_create_a_poster
  7. zerozero7
  8. ea_tiger_woods_10_1
  9. saint_gobain
  10. ghost_pops

Top 10: August 2009

  1. pringles
  2. tok_stok_take_your_time
  3. madden_nfl_10_youtube_masthead_1
  4. johnsons_baby_50_years
  5. star_wars_duel
  6. ea_tiger_woods_10_1
  7. knife_crime_it_doesnt_have_to_happen_1
  8. mortein_insect_repellent
  9. nhs_magic
  10. cia_pulldowns

Top 10: Overall

  1. pringles
  2. 35_awesome_augmented_reality_examples
  3. burger_king_sharpie
  4. bmw_z4_create
  5. mcdonalds_flick_a_pickle
  6. ea_tiger_woods_10_1
  7. coke_zero_to_hero
  8. burger_king_stacker
  9. kelloggs_allbran
  10. sprint_youtube_clock

February 4, 2009

Bannerblog Provides Source for Rich Media Inspiration


It's official! we have signed a deal with DoubleClick for 2009 to be the sponsor for the site. Al this means if you get the same Bannerblog taste for the same Bannerblog price... free. All on the same Bannerblog channel.

Any changes will be minimal and DoubleClick will suppy us with a steadier stream of banners to rate and comment on.

Below is the official press release which went out today.

Today, Bannerblog, an online community for advertising industry and creative professionals, announces that DoubleClick, a premier provider of digital marketing technology and services, is sponsoring the community. DoubleClick Rich Media will be supporting Bannerblog in its mission to showcase exciting rich media examples from around the world.

Bannerblog has a loyal audience of over 70,000 industry professionals. This active community of agencies and their clients regularly comment on, and rate, the more than 1,200 rich media ad examples on the site. The ads on Bannerblog can be sorted by industry vertical, brand and agency. With brands moving budgets online and marketing managers having to learn the medium, Bannerblog provides a powerful research tool for creative inspiration. As part of the sponsorship, DoubleClick will participate directly in the Bannerblog community by contributing news items and sourcing new ad examples. DoubleClick’s editorial presence on Bannerblog will be lead by staffer Ryan Tetuan, a former Interactive Creative Director, who now supports DoubleClick Rich Media’s west coast creative agency clients as their Creative Account Director.

Ari Paparo, Group Product Manager, Google, commented, "Rich media advertising is about melding creativity with measurable results. It's important for us to support the design community to innovate and spark creativity in ways that get results for advertisers."

Ashley Ringrose, Founder, Bannerblog & Soap Creative, said, "I’m excited to have DoubleClick Rich Media on board as they have the right attitude towards rich media and want to push the relationship with Bannerblog to its fullest."
DoubleClick is a trademark of Google Inc.

January 24, 2009

Bannerblog on Twitter


I realized today that I have not called out that all the editors are on Twitter.

Ashley is @100ftzombie
(note: all Bannerblog posts get auto tweeted by my account. Annoying maybe but easier than having another account)

Ashadi spent ages thinking up his Twitter name @ashadihopper

Tobie is recently unemployed but also @tobiec

Phil is going off at @philmang

Paul has the other interesting name @bannermonkey

Hamish is not very active at all at @hamishmcdougall

So if you have ever wondered what one of us is having for dinner, how hot it is outside then feel free to follow us.

January 23, 2009

Jan: The Slow Month


January is always a slow month for us. Why? because all the good banners have been posted, people are still on holidays and there's not much new to say (elections aside). It seems the same for TheFWA as well as you can see the caliber of sites that win are low. Hey that's how I got one in there. Yep early Jan 08 :)

So if you want to complain about the quality of banners being posted then just appreciate there are any to post :)
And that all banners are worth talking about so we can all learn from mistakes.

December 31, 2008

FBConnect for Comments


***** Note : Safari users will see an error. You need to change your cookie security settings in preferences to 'Always Accept'. It's a known bug Disqus are working to fix *******

Disqus have implemented Facebook Connect to their comments system which means Bannerblog is now using Facebook Connect for comments. Hazahh!

if you run a blog and don't use Disqus for your comments you are seriously missing out.

Facebook Connect is the "killer app" that we will see spread through sites in 2009 like wildfire. It also strengthens Facebook as "the" social network.

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