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December 22, 2008

Thumbs Up and Down


We have added JS-Kit's thumbs up and down rating system across all the banners on the site. This replaces the old Rating system we had. The best part is now you can see what is the top rated banners across the entire site.

We have also added the ratings to the archives so you can see what is rated what while browsing like here for example. Pretty sweet!

Hopefully this all works without a hitch. We felt that thumbs up and down was better than a 5 star rating system. Share your thoughts in the comments?

Here's a more top level breakdown from Js-Kit. It' would be good if this could be customised more but I guess you get what your given.

December 20, 2008

Top 5 Countries on Bannerblog

I have tweaked the Banners by Country chart to display in order.

The top 5 countries, based on numbers of submissions by agencies in those countries are

1: Australia
2: UK
3: US
4: Brazil
5: Sweden

There are still a 197 unknown agency banners which could alter the standings. So if you know who is responsible please let us know.

December 13, 2008

Agency Xmas Card Call for Entries

I was reminded to do the Agency Xmas card round up again. If you have an xmas card you have completed for a client or your agency please send it our way and we'll do a round up post again in early 09 or very late 08 if we can fit it in.

Here is last years post.

Update: Just noticed my spelling mistake in the title. hehe I have fired our proof reader.

December 1, 2008

Banners per Month

After charting the number of banners we post in August this year I made an effort to increase the frequency of posts.

If you check the chart now you'll see we've had a steady stream of banners in the ast 3 months. Actually raising the average banners per month by 1 to 28!

November 2, 2008

Banner Alerts by Email

We have just added the new Feedburner feature that allows you to receive email alerts when ever a new banner is posted. If we post 5 in a day you get just one aggregated email. It's automatic so unlike the newsletter this will be sent almost daily.

Enter your email address:

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If you look at our feed stats via Google Reader you can see we are fairly regular with posts. For those not using Google reader you are missing out on a gread reader and free stats. BB_GOOGLE_READER_STATS.jpg

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