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February 8, 2007

Bannerblog's New Sponsor for 2007


Bannerblog is happy to announce that Tangozebra will sponsor the site for 2007.

This support is essential in maintaining the site and Tangozebra, as Europe's leading digital marketing technology provider, will ensure we are always kept stocked with fresh creative.

The transition over will take place in the next few weeks with Martin Pavey from TZ joining the editorial team.

January 14, 2007

600 Banners


Note: Above message to be read loudly in a strong English accent.

600 little hard working advertisments whose sole purpose is to either win awards or sell people things they dont need. And on the odd occasion both!

We're on our way to the 1,000 banner mark. When we hit that ad people around the world will be saying "Where were you when they posted the 1,000th banner?"

If you have submitted something lately and received no reply it's either a really crap banner (you know who you are) or we've been busy getitng through backlog and will get to yours soon.

December 22, 2006

Xmas Break


Bannerblog will be takling a brweak from Dec 22 - Jan 3. There will still be some updates (to get through the backlog of entries we have received) but don't expect regular updates.

We hope you all have a great holiday season and what ever you are celebrating, make sure you shoot a video of it and pop it on Youtube.

No use getting totally drunk and throwing up on a slippery slide if there's no one there to video tape it.

I'll be posting all the agency Xmas ecards in the enxt few days.

December 15, 2006



We've reached a milestone today with our 1000th comment being posted on Bannerblog. Admittedly it was 1 of 4 comments posted by the same person, for a banner I assume they had a part in but it doesn't matter.. we broke 1000!!

In reality we've actually had over 9,000 comments posted but the other 8,000 are spam.

I'm happy that the majority of people who post comments do not post anonymously, and the majority is not overly negative. We do have the odd commenter who likes to stir the pot "read: posting that everything is shit" but this just adds to the fun. At least we have a friendlier community than the one on the Campaign Brief blog

November 13, 2006

Bannerblog Jobs is Open


It's still work in progress but the first 5 jobs have been posted onthe Jobs Board.

it's a nice mix of creative an executive roles with the Ogilvy position a nice gig for who gets it.

We'll honour our pledge to post the first 20 positions for free (only 4 spots left) so get in quick and post your jobs now. All the info can be found here.

We'll be integreating the jobs board into the left nav, newsletter and main site over the next few days.

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