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May 2, 2007



With 700 under our belt the Bannerblog army marches forward on to the next milestone... 1,000 banners. A big thanks to all the support from our readers and agencies and our sponsor Tangozebra.

April 22, 2007

Banner Submissions: Best Practice

In an effort to make our lives easier and also get your banner posted here's a few tips on submitting banners to Bannerblog.

1: Name the files something obvious. brand_box_468x60.swf. We have many 468x60.swfs and have to rename them.

Try to avoid the 1000x1000 in situ banner unless it's important to the concept.. The banner by itself is what we prefer but if you need to show it on a page make it under 600x600 is you can.

Good Examples:
here & here

Supply Translations for all non english banners. No hablamos español!

4: One file is easiest for expanding banners. We can't easily set up the banners to limit ate Eyeblaster, Atlas, Pointroll or Tangozebra. So for us a demo that works on your desktop is the kind of files we like best.
Note: We haven't published a few purely for this reason

5: If you banner uses .FLV video please supply a link to a ZIP file or send us all the files.

6: If your banner uses live data please allow in the servers crossdomain file. More info here
Note: The flash person who built the banner will know what we mean.

We don't reply to every email we receive. (Please, don't repeatedly send until we do reply)
We also don't post every banner we receive. (Sorry them's the breaks)
We also sometimes post banners months later (They get lost in the mail so to speak)

8: We don't post .GIF's unless they are amazing.

9: Please supply Agency name and country with submissions.
Note: We will occasionally credit the wrong agency or forget to. Please don't get angry just send us an email and we'll fix it ASAP.

10: We normally credit the main agency for the work. If you were the production company we'll credit you in the comment.

April 13, 2007



It's about this time I realised I'm a nerd. That I was excited (and waiting for) 1337 comments on the blog.

April 4, 2007

666 Banners


We quickly posted another banner to put us up to 667 banners as it's bad luck for blogs to sit on 666 posts for too long.

March 15, 2007

Vanity thy name is comments

OK, I understand that positive comments on your agency's banners make you feel good. And the opposite can be said for negative comments, and we get both kinds here at Bannerblog. Some a little harsh, most are to the point and constructive criticism.

What isn't helping anyone is agencies posting positive comments, wait let me rephrase that, over the top positive comments on their own banners. The agencies responsible don't even bother to comment on other banners, just their own.

So here's my tips for how to make your fake comments seem more real.

1: Go down to the local internet cafe and post. Don't do it from your agencies network, the same network you submit the work from
2: Try to spread the comments out a little. 8 in as many hours is suspicious.
3: Tone the language down. You didn't save the world, you made an animated advert. Hazahh!
4: Ask your IT guy to change the name of your server to something less specific. web.agencyname.ext is a smoking gun. Try web.ISP.ext that leave some doubt.

Or for all our sakes
5: Send the link to friends and ask them to comment honestly on the banner.

NOTE: If you are worried about negative comments on a campaign you can request to have them turned off when you submit the ad. I'd rather see an add up there, sans the ability to comment, rather than never see it.

So in conslusion I feel bad to have to make a point about this but it's getting a little silly. The comments were so OTT they are comical. I do support agencies commenting on their own banners to respond to feedback or give more information but always identifying themselves in the process.

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