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July 4, 2007

Which Ash are you?

I know this is off topic but I thought I'd clear it up before there was any more confusion. There are two Ash's that run this site.

I'm Ashley Ringrose (left) from Soap Creative and the other Ash is Ashadi Hopper (right) from RMG. We're two different people.

Ashadi was the one you were drinking with at Cannes.
I'm the one pimping Mr. Potatoheads.

Here's how it goes down in a good old fashioned Google fight.

Lucky for Ashadi I usually go by the alias MrTruffle which as you can see here has me winning by a landslide.

Update from Vegas

Don King disputes the fight and in a re-match at Caesars Palace it was a TKO
I hope that clears up some confusion.

July 2, 2007

Who doesn't like stats?

I have updated the stats page for all those interested. I know I can't go a day without checking Adsense & Analytics.

And just out of interest Ive also got the top 100 countries to visit Bannerblog since August 2006 (That's when I implemented Google Analytics.

Where does your country come in on the poll?

Some of these are from random Google searches for stuff like "fart button" so that might explain a few things.

You'll have to click here to view the top 100 as it's a long table.

July 1, 2007

Bannerblog Group on Facebook

For all you Bannerblog fanboi's, we've formed a BannerBlog appreciation group on Facebook.
You know you want to join it... ;)

Don't worry, we won't be appearing in Second Life anytime soon - or indeed ever.

June 8, 2007

Comment Spam Defence


We've introduced an added field to the banner comment forms in an effort to combat comment spam. For those that don't run a blog of their own we receive 120 spam comments for each real comment. And deleting these is a pain.

So all you need to do extra is type in the number seen in the image above the "post" button.

May 27, 2007

Recent Updates


I apologise for the lack of updates to the blog as I was on annual leave without my laptop for the month of May. New baners will be posted tomorrow.

Note: The non holidaying editors are on Detention :)

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