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July 22, 2008

Zuji's 10c beans


Ive seen the posters near our office for a few weeks and I thought it was just a poster. Little did I know they were actually selling the beans at 10c a can. Great idea from Happy Solidiers for The Hallway Agency.

Digitally it hasn't been supported that well, but the idea is simple enough to not to need much polishing.

You can also sign up to their newsleter and win a years worth of beans $36 worth!


Virgin Mobile's What Happens Next


Virgin, thanks to Host have launched a new campaign called What Happens Next. Choose your scene and then direct what happens next. The best entry will get turned into an ad (i think Virgin did this before?) and you win a trip to Cairns. That's northern Qld not Southern France. Oh and 5 grand cash too so that's pretty sweet.

The actual drawing tool is quite nice and the film genre video changes are nice too but the entries themselves so far are quite boring to view. I guess I was on the look out for dick and balls, but I think those wont get past the moderators.

I did enjoy the man turns into rabbit entry but look forward to see the gallery fill out over the next few weeks.

June 5, 2008

Picnic Wrestling


This new site Picnic Wrestling for Picnic is great. Plays on the ugly theme quite well. Although I got up too early in the morning to find anyone online to play. The art direction is fantastic. And the voice acting is spot on.

I'm not sure on the agency behind this?

June 3, 2008

Some Nice Web Treats

Here's a digest of what's been sent to us recently.





April 15, 2008

Banner Spec Tees

I should probably wear these at Cannes. More info here


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