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January 19, 2007

some nice things

Thought this was just nice, well put together and with a message to take out. For a Singapore based hearing difficulties funding group.

and here it is.

January 17, 2007

Fresh Footwork and Naked Truth

Here are two video heavy promotions form the UK. Both featuring semi naked women too which is a good thing.


The first is from Glue and I think they are best at describing the work
"This creative was the 4th and final phase in the Virgin Money 'Say Yes' campaign. glue aimed to build the campaign to its ultimate conclusion by taking the user on a dramatic interactive journey. Initially the dance starts as a contemporary ballet piece, as the user clicks 'yes' to see more the dance increases in excitement and tempo building up to a grand finale of fire-poi and angle grinding."


The next is from Play. Again I'll use their words as they explain it better than I ever could.

"A fundamental part of the show is the 'Naked Truth' moment in which couples disappear behind a white backlit screen together and are asked to strip. The idea is to get them talking to each other, about each other, and the way they currently dress - what they like and don't like. So Play decided to create a mechanism which would allow couples to do just that."

Play were kind enough to set up a video for us to see the end result.

My only gripes are the fresh Footwork loaded slowly on our 14MB connection and the Trinny & Susannah project is another Aveaword special. But that said they both are nicely produced and sexy.

December 17, 2006

Youtube + Coca Cola = Wishcast

The next step in Xmas Ecards is sending Youtube videos sponsored by Coke! Check out there Holiday Wishcast.

Here's an example of what your friends will receive.

I like is the little characters in the design frames. Sadly that's the limit to their involvement.

I hate to be negative but the whole thing is registering pretty high on my "Lame-O-Meter".
I like that Youtube are open to different promotions but this just seems a waste? (read: shit)
Maybe i'm just an Ebenezer Scrooge.

What really freaked me out was this image of the Coca-Cola polar bear. WTF!

December 15, 2006

Crack Open A Friendly

Foster has been relaunched in the USA and they have done it entirely online. You can read the credit list and more info here on Campaign Brief's blog.

There are currently 3 videos on youtube with, by the looks of the website, another 18 or so to come. The website is a bit of the let down. Or if you are Australian it's a bit of an embarrassment. Crikey mate! this site's as smelly as a dead dingo's donger.

November 21, 2006

Yahoo! Mail Championships


There's a new generation of webmail email clients rolling in. Yahoo have recently launched a new version with all the features you'd expect from a desktop app - drag n drop, preview pane etc etc etc. and it's very very good.

Poke were tasked with the launch marketing - and in the vein of Nikepro and Adidas Stella Mcartney, the Yahoo! Mail Ultimate Championships Games Grand Final two thousand and six were born to this world.

Hone your skills, practise your technique, and maybe, just maybe, you could be the best of the best. Better even than the "experts" - four emailers from different walks of life - with different demands from their chosen tools.

A toungue in cheek "poke" at super-flash-wank sportsporn websites - disguised a promotion.

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