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March 10, 2007

Nokia: The Internet Walk


I really like this site for the new Nokia N800 called The Internet Walk. The execution is flawless and it works well to sell the features of the handset. It has one strong idea and works it well. No need to complicate it too much just explore the idea to its fullest.

Farfar did the site and have done lots of nice work in the past.

Oh and I love the loud voice at the start "LOADING THE INTERNET"
It'd be great if this kind of narration occured all the time.

Oh and there was also a "viral video" to go with the campaign. (i prefer my viral with people getting kicked in the nuts.)

February 26, 2007

Agency Xmas Cards 2006

Yes I know I'm more than two months late but I hate to leave things not done.

Here is an incomplete list of the agency Xmas cards we were sent this year. Some are good and some great.

I stole a couple from a CommArts article found here.

I can't get enough of the one for Framestore. It's just rocks along and is beautiful to watch over and over.

Note: Although the last one Santasm isn't from an agency or a production house I just thought it was so weird it had to be included. It was created by the two directors (featured in the clip) for their friends.

February 5, 2007

CDX-The Game


The BBC have finally allowed non UK users to see the latest Preloaded & BBC production titled CDX.

It's quite tough to pull these types of games off (many have tried) and this is a great example of how to do it properly. I just wish I had more free time to waste away exploring these games. The attention to detail is amazing, the whole package is faultless.

I'm not sure of the reason behind it's creation other than to promote BBC's history coverage.

February 4, 2007

UNIQLO Mixplay

How do you promote your labels new range of coloured Jackets? You do it in style with Mixplay.

I'd like to see these guys take on Pjorto.


UNIQLO's website is also a fav here at Soap.

Pjorto Vs DJ Effex

We all remember Pjorto. The award winning site for Nokia which had a man in a musical suit. Well far far have decided to do a sequal to the site and added DJ Effex to the mix to create Pjorto vs DJ Effex.


Sadly much of what made Pjorto stand out has been removed from this version. The users interaction is now just a matter of picking left or right to make a mix. Maybe it's just me but sequals to sucessful promotions seem like an easy way out and is never as good as the original, kinda like CSI Miami.

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