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September 1, 2006

Diesel Heaven


Diesel have just launched a huge online promotion title Diesel Heaven that has been seeing around for the last few months.

With no less than three fake blogs (this makes the Zero Movement seem subtle), a Frappr group, and several Youtube videos subtley supporting the promotion. No Flickr accounts though?.

All the blogs are now linking to the main promotional site. For me the let down is the presenter. She's quite annoying. Is this is heaven maybe the sexy chicks are in hell? To me Hi-Res have done much better work in the past. While the site looks nice it just isn't that fun to explore. It also feels like

I especially like this stencil on the mattress.

It's ashame they didnt submit it to my fav site Street Mattress

Off topic: I'm currently third for Aussie submissions and still actively trying for 2nd spot.

August 30, 2006

HP Personiva

We've all seen the upload your face campaigns made popular by Trailer Crashers but I haven't seem one that seamlessly integrates your face into the product so well. Check out this online campaign for HP which puts you into their ads.

The best part (well for flash nerds like me) is it'll take any photo of a face, crop, rotate and size the photo to fit the required area. Then add lip syncing, and blinks without the users needing to do anything.

Here's one I did with Rob's baby photo. Which you can see was not exactly cropped and ready to go. The results are quite good. I was able to choose 5 different elements, some of which were further customized, and then create this video.

My only complaint is that if you want users to add the videos to their blog or webpage, don't load the entire video unless the user clicks to view it.

August 24, 2006



After we had this "viral" campaign for the 40 hr Famine submitted to us I got me thinking about all the "Blingvertising" I've seen over the last few years. Ali-G, MR.T and every other rap artist worth their salt is draped in gold chains and diamonds so it’s no wonder advertisers don't use this aesthetic to sell their products.

MC Squared: This is a "viral campaign" for the 40 Hour Famine, although I cannot see any tie in. The customize my rap reaks of aveaword (which is nicely polished and sells the client's product well) and the talent is pretty ordinary. Even the "hoes" are ordinary. A quick google reveals the real MC Squared is a beat boxer. Sorry Sputnik, you guys do great work but this blows? Even the URL is APPTbusiness which just misleads you even more.

We're as guilty as any for dipping into the bling basket to style a project. We had a pimped out Pig for KKash and blatantly used the word for our Bling My Bomb site.

Other successful campaigns are the very funny 5 Cent from Host for Virgin.

There's also DJ Yuri with his In Da Cab site which promoted the film Taxi and Bling my Sid which had little kiddies dressing up Sid from Ice Age 2.

Sadly I realize now that using this aesthetic for kids in Australia Americanizes what’s “cool” to impressionable minds. There is very little in today’s advertising that is uniquely Australian. And what is is seen as backward or uncool.

Note: This is by all means not an exhaustive list but ones I've been sent, involved in or really enjoyed. I'll also claim to be the first to use the word Blingvertising. Please comment with any other bling campaigns I've missed.

Update: here's the link to the Swedish campaign mentioned in the comments.

August 13, 2006

Snakes on a Plane Banner Comp


Ok this is the last Snakes on the Plane item I'll post but I thought this was quite fitting.

Now you can create your own banner ad for Snakes on a Plane. Great! let users generate content they usually ignore or hate! That said it's a nice idea but wouldn't it be better to let users create something else like a trailer or poster?

August 12, 2006

Dixie Chicks Underground


This is one of the most suprising sites I've seen in a while. I'm sill confused but intriged. I'm also interested to see their latest album, which this site promotes, is produced by Rick Rubin??! I guess for the biggest "girl band" in the world they have the power to attract big shot producers as well.

Enter the wierd and dark world of Dixie Chicks Underground. From the warped minds of WeFail who can;t seem to put a foot wrong right now.

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